Top 5 brain boosting maths websites

Top 5 brain boosting maths websites

You thought that the internet was good for nothing when it comes to your kids, right? Check out these 5 brain boosting maths websites that will turn your child into a mathematical genius in no time!

5 brain boosting maths websites

Check out 5 brain boosting maths websites

We always blame the internet for being such a nuisance in our children’s lives, but what if we told you that the very same internet can help your kids with maths? In fact, come to think of it, the internet actually has a plethora of free and easily available resources for any maths newbie. We combed through several websites to bring you some of the best go-to maths sites, which are sure to help you raise the genius your child was meant to be!

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1. Yummy Math
This site is a great resource for both students and teachers to learn and understand the relevance of maths in everyday life. The examples are current and interesting from calculating the cost of owning an iPhone to deciphering the ‘greatness’ or value of sports players through simple equations. The real-life examples provided in this maths website will engage students to think about how they can use and incorporate maths in their daily lives.

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2. A+ Click
A+ Click is a great maths website that offers thousands of illustrated mathematical problems, which range from kindergarten level to the more advanced algebraic equations. This site is especially useful for visual-spatial learners, since a visual model accompanies each equation. The tests adapt to each student’s ability depending on how fast they can correctly answer five questions consecutively.


Check out what A+ Click looks like!

3. SuperKids Math
Sometimes looking at the computer screen for too long can tire your children’s eyes. This maths website site is great because it provides printables of worksheets that can be customised. Whatever level your child may be at, you can just input the subject as well as the minimum and maximum numbers to be used and a custom worksheet will be created. All with a click of a button — no need for expensive assessment books anymore. Definitely a site to be bookmarked!


Check out what SuperKids looks like!

4. Math Playground
A playground is for kids to get a workout and have tons of fun, which is exactly what Math Playground’s motto is too. With interactive games, fun puzzles and visual problems, Math Playground definitely gives your child’s brain a robust workout! Kids and parents can choose from a wide array of topics that feature problem sums, flashcards and printables. The graphics on this maths website are very colourful, and feature graphic games reminiscent of video games. We are sure that your kid will not be bored!

math playground

This is an inside sneak-peek of Math Playground

5. Fun Brain
Can brainy stuff be fun? Of course, it can! And this ‘fun’ that we speak of is certainly the centre of attraction when it comes to Fun Brain. This maths website is a chock full of fun games that encourage children to pick up and practice maths skills. Topics such as fractions, multiplication as well as algebra, are weaved into racing and soccer games, which will engage and excite your child. Best part is they may not even be aware that they are studying a subject like maths!

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Tell us if you’ve tried any of these top 5 brain-boosting sites! Is there a specific maths website that your child preferred more?

Check out this video of a child reviewing the Math Playground website:

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