Toddler hurt after being hit by cyclist in Singapore

Toddler hurt after being hit by cyclist in Singapore

A little baby was badly hurt after she and her grandmother were hit by cyclist in Singapore. How can such incidents be prevented?

In recent years, more people in Singapore are cycling, and using e-bike and other personal mobility devices (PMDs) as a mode of commute. The safety risk they pose to pedestrians has come under the scanner yet again, with this sad incident below.

Grandmother and toddler hit by cyclist in Singapore

According to The Straits Times, recently, a grandmother was carrying her 13-month-old grandchild, and walking to a bus stop along Pasir Ris Drive 3, when a cyclist crashed into her.

The 65-year-old victim, Madam Lin Zhenghua, was so shaken by the incident that she fainted soon after. She was taken by ambulance to Changi General Hospital, where she had to be admitted for 2 days.

The little toddler meanwhile, wouldn't stop crying after the incident. It was later found after a medical check up, that her right leg was broken. The poor baby had just learned to walk.

Madam Lin has been quoted by The Straits Times as saying, "Luckily I was holding onto my grandchild's hand, if not it would be unthinkable if her head hit the ground."

Madam Lin's husband, Mr Xia Yuzhang, tells The Straits Times, "I saw my wife hit by a cyclist, then the other two bicycles behind also knocked into the first one." It has come to light that the cyclist was a teenager.

Rules for cyclists and PMDs in Singapore

There's no escaping the onslaught of cycles and PMD's on footpaths these days. This writer recently spotted a stroller moving super fast, because the daddy was on a one wheel e-scooter! While surely, the baby was having fun, and daddy was saving up on time, one must not overlook the safety hazards of using these devices on footpaths, both for users and others. 

The LTA has specified usage instructions for cycles and PMDs in Singapore, together with their speed limits (See picture).

Toddler hurt after being hit by cyclist in Singapore

These are some rules for the use of cycles and PMD's in Singapore:

  • Always give way to pedestrians on footpaths and shared paths. Remember also that pedestrians have the right of way on pedestrian crossings. At pedestrian crossings, it is recommended that you ‘walk your bicycle’ or dismount and push the vehicle instead, to avoid injuring pedestrians.
  • When a cycling or shared path is next to a footpath, use the cycling or shared path instead of the footpath.
  • Slow down and be prepared to stop when approaching bends or high pedestrian-traffic areas such as bus-stops.
  • Keep left unless when overtaking.
  • Do not overtake others when approaching places such as pedestrian crossings, corners and bends. Keep a safe distance from other users to avoid collisions. Ring the bell when necessary, such as when trying to overtake others.

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* Featured images source: Shin Min Daily News

(Source: The Straits Times, LTA)

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