Toddler in daycare was bitten 12 times by another child!

Toddler in daycare was bitten 12 times by another child!

"It looked like he'd been mauled by an animal," the boy's mother said.

Florida, USA - A toddler at a day care was bitten 12 times by another child. It is believed that the day care worker that was supposed to be watching the kids left them unsupervised, and the worker could possibly face neglect charges.

The incident happened last August 29 when the deputies of the Manatee County Sheriff's hospital received reports from the Manatee Memorial Hospital about a child that was brought to the hospital due to several bite marks on the child's face, limbs, and back.

Although the injuries were not severe, the Sheriff's office started an investigation regarding the incident.

The child's mother, Amanda Beebe, rushed to the day care center immediately as soon as she received a call about the bites. Beebe said that her son looked like he was mauled by an animal due to the severity of the bite marks. She also added that this was not the first time it happened, and their 18 month old child was previously bitten, but they let the incident pass.

Upon receiving a call from the daycare for the second incident, the day care worker described the bites as "really bad". She adds that she was very disappointed that no one has been arrested yet.

Florida's Department of Children and Families has already issued 6 violations against the day care during the last 12 inspections that they had. The violations were related to leaving the children unsupervised and also not having enough staff to take care of the children.

Beebe also went on social media to talk about the incident; wanting justice for her son. She stated that she does not blame the other kid involved in the situation, but she blames the adults.


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