Tips to make your Disney holiday successful

Tips to make your Disney holiday successful

Follow these tips to make your Disney holiday a fun and memorable experience

Disneyland holiday

Going to Walt Disney World Orlando or Disneyland Anaheim is a special occasion. You want to make sure that you make the most of this fantastic opportunity. How can you do that?

Follow these tips to make it a fun and memorable experience:

1. Plan Ahead
There is a lot to see and do on a Walt Disney World vacation and you would do well to read up on all that is on offer. Yes it will probably make your head spin with possibilities but its better to have some idea upfront of what you want to see and experience rather than get overwhelmed on arrival and miss out.

One thing you'll want to decide on is whether you are going to book into one of the Walt Disney World Resorts or another hotel close by. If you want the complete Disney experience then staying at one of the many Walt Disney World Resorts is a good choice.

2. Allow enough time
While you could see a lot of Disneyland in one day, it isn't really ideal. You can whip around quickly but if it is likely to be a once in a lifetime visit then you'll want to savor it all so don't skimp on time. Try to allow at least two days, if not longer.

3. Be Prepared
You will do a lot of walking at Walt Disney World so make sure you pack your most comfortable shoes. If you feel you may need spare clothes but don't want to lug a heavy bag around, you can use one of the lockers provided near the entrance.

4. Allow for Quiet Time
Disneyland is all about fun and that can mean a full on assault on your senses - lots of noise, heaps to see, and many places demanding your attention. To get through the experience without feeling like you need a week's sleep to recover, schedule in some down time during the day. If you do, you'll find you will be able to keep going for longer and will enjoy it more.

5. Cater for everyone
There are specially decked out toddler rooms and parenting rooms. If you need a break then use these excellent facilities. If you are traveling with a large group or your family has a wide spread of age ranges then make sure that everyone gets a chance to choose what you see and do.

You can do this by splitting up and meeting back at an agreed time at one of the many designated meeting points or by each choosing what you will do next.

So do the girl guide/scout thing and get organized. By thinking about what you really want before you get there, you'll make sure that you don't leave disappointed that you didn't manage to do all that you hoped.

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