Here are some tips for travelling with kids

Here are some tips for travelling with kids

Taking your young one on a flight for the very first time? Find out some useful tips from other parents here!

Mum Needs Help: I'm bringing my 18 months old son for a trip, any tips when boarding the flight especially taking off? As you know most people have blocked ears, etc.


Henri Tan: Don't worry they will be able to manage that.... just feed them some water..... Bring lots of they're fav toys to distract them.

Lindy Lim: It will be the best if u can plan feeding once u board. The sucking from bottle will reduce much of the ear block. If not sucking lollies or eating biscuits helps too. I always do these when taking off or before landing.

Yuwana Hannah: I let my kids suck on their milk bottles..

Fung Yee Loh: You could try to feed him water at the time of flight departing and taking off.

Gypsy Rose: I was very lucky, my first child was a wonderful flier. She will sleep when the flight take off and wake up when it lands! Only my youngest daughter is wary of flying. At 3 yrs old, she will grab the emergency info and keep asking when the plane hit a turbulent patch "ARE WE GOING TO DIE!?" in her loudest voice. I think other passengers wanted to kill us for jinxing the flight!

Shirley Chong: yeah juz let ur baby drink something...;)

Amanda Quek: Would usually advise parent to feed water or milk to reduce ear blcked. If older kids can pinch the nose and swallow hard or suck a sweet/ candy. Alternatively get fav toys to divert attention.

Vincent Yeo: distractions for ur son as he be sitting on ur laps. And sleeping on them as well, so will b discomfort also all the while. Ear block will depends on hw sever for ea child. Drinking and eating helps. Distractions are very impt.

Cynthia Jannie Cheng: I brought my girl to Beijing at 18mths too. I let her drink water during landing / departing, and letting her suck her pacificer throughout e flight.

Ser Po: Don't think there will be ear block, u prepare his water bottle and let him sip while taking off, will clear the ear block!

Vishakha Bharadwaj: I've gone through that when my son was 6 mths and then at 9 mths. Other than the water bottle, I'd suggest to carry enough toys or stuff to do for them to be distracted. In my case, that helped a lot! Have a great time!

Belle Wong: Can we bring water on board?! I thought liquid not allowed..

Ser Po: Yup allowed but not more than 100ml per pax or else u can give him gummies/sweet too to clear the ear block.
When i 1st bring Freesia overseas, kiasu me bring darmol, thermometer, mosquito repellant along too!

Lindy Lim: Once on board asked to fill up your bottles!!! U can't bring water on board.

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