Three Times in OT

Three Times in OT

LenNurIzz Kartina shares her labour story with

Hi. Just wanna share wif u my 1st labour experience. I was married n childless for 4yrs.(1998 – 2002) Had keep trying for the first 2 yrs n gv up then. N in the 3rd yr of marriage, went to normal GP clinic n was recommended to take hormones pills to boost my inner systems. First trial, fail. Then tried agian second time, Hurrayyy!!! I was pregnant!

My first gal was born through Emergency C-section on 22 April 2003. My due date was supposed to be towards end on April, but decided to admit myself early coz already having mild pain n also bcoz, the following day, no one will be at home to look after me. So, off me n my hubby went to KKH for check-up. Upon reaching n after scan n few check, the duty doctor told me that, my cervix had just open abt 2cm n could go home n wait for further pain. After discussing w my hubby, we decided to play save n just admit that night.

The whole nite was a sleepless night for me as they had to keep monitoring me. I was then put under observation in labour ward n was induced till 8 bottles, which is about 2 days. But cervix only managed to dilate about 5cm even after induce through virginal.. *sign*

After 2 days, normal delivery still can’t proceed. Gynae suggested to have emergency c-section. While waiting to be cut open, I had to put on oxygen mask coz labour pain was unbearable. When gyne n asst nurse came to 'interview'' me before the procedure on epidural, I was already totaly very tired, helpless n dizzy drowsy. Can't answer question properly but still can hear the nurse say ' C! we talk to her she ignore n go to sleep' If I were ok, I would have got up n told her off n say, ' I'm ok n doing fine!' Having labour pain is one thing, and now having heart pain adds to make it worst.

After I had the epidural, I was pushed to the OT. Had the anaesthetic and was put to half body down dead. Bt I am proud to say that, I dun feel afraid even when I feel slight pain. After cutting n adjusting n my baby girl came to my world at around 7.15pm. Wow! I was told she weigh 3.95kg n is overdue of 10 mths. Still in blur mood n after having continuous vomiting, (due to 2 days empty stomach) I was then push to the recovery area. Din know I’v been sleeping soundly the whole nite there. N was push back to my own ward bed in early morning. Where I continue to sleep until my gynae came at ard 10+am to check on me n my fresh wound. I was on bed for whole day. N the next day, i was already trying to get up n try walking as instructed. The pain after c-sect was unimaginable. I was then discharge after recovery together w my little chubby baby girl Qistina. Thank God!

And as years gone by, in 8 Oct 2007, (4 yrs apart) I had a 2nd c-sect with a pre-mature baby boy weighing 2.2kg, due to diabetes during pregnancy. I was feeling nervous n afraid throughout the procedure. But it went smoothly even though my baby was born breech. I was discharged at normal time, but my baby boy had to be observed in proper care about 2 weeks, due to breathing problems n jaundice. But now my pre-term boy Rizqy is as chubby as the sister.

After 2 yrs later, 22 July 2009, had another 3rd c-sect again. But this time with a full-term twins baby boys. Where both weighing differently, Danish 2.9kg n Danial 2.7 kg. This time was the easiest and fasters procedure. Both identical twins were only 1 minute apart. My twins and I went home at the same normal stay time.

I want to thank-god for all my healthy hyper active angels.. And if given another change, I would love and really want give birth to another twins girls. Then close production hahaha... It’s expensive! Yes. But then i would feel fair to my girl coz, she have been pestering me to give a little sister to play with. Still under consideration...

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