Is your baby on the way? 8 Reasons why you should pick Thomson Medical Centre

Is your baby on the way? 8 Reasons why you should pick Thomson Medical Centre

Having a hard time deciding on a maternity hospital that’s right for you? Here are eight factors you should consider, and why Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) fits the bill on all counts.

Along with the many matters a mum-to-be thinks about on her third trimester, one of the most important is choosing the right hospital to deliver her baby.  If you are a first-time mother, it can be a bit daunting because you may not have the adequate experience or knowledge to make the right choices. It doesn’t help that there is an overload of information from websites and from well-meaning family and friends!

We understand your concerns, mum-to-be. So we’ve simplified your dilemma of choosing the right maternity hospital by listing down eight important factors to help cut through the clutter.

#1 Information-Rich Tour

The first step in choosing the best hospital for your needs is quite simple. You just need to go on a tour of maternity hospitals! This way, you will see first-hand the maternity facilities and services offered by the various hospitals.

A hospital that truly understands the concerns of a mum-to-be, Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) offers free hospital tours and a great opportunity to explore the facilities up close. Their friendly tour ambassadors will be there to answer all your questions, providing you with information that will help settle your pre-birth jitters and prepare you for the moment when you finally get to meet your precious baby.

#2 Generations of Care

Thomson Medical Maternity

TMC was founded in 1979 with a vision to be the “best niche hospital for women and children with a new approach towards patient care.” Today, for close to 40 years, TMC’s dedicated team of healthcare professionals have given generations of families the highest standards of care, treating everyone that passes through their doors like family.

And indeed, nothing soothes a jittery mum-to-be more than knowing that she’s under the capable care of experienced medical professionals, who will make your labour journey smooth.

#3 Affordability

Thomson Medical Maternity

Cost is one of the primary considerations while choosing a maternity hospital—and TMC certainly has parents in mind on this aspect. Besides hosting a wide range of rooms from four-bedders to suites, TMC also offers parents the First and Subsequent Born Incentive Maternity Programme, specially developed to manage the cost of welcoming your little bundle of joy.

#4 Ease and Simplicity

Thomson Medical Maternity

When it comes to delivering a baby, everything should flow smoothly for the mum- and dad-to-be. With so many other things to take care of, hospital registration and handling paperwork is the last thing parents want to be bogged down with! At TMC, parents are encouraged to pre-register with them online as early as possible — a thoughtful gesture that ensures a smooth and hassle-free admission process.

Post-delivery parents can look to Thomson ParentCraft Centre's one-stop services, which are specially tailored to help expectant mothers through their entire pregnancy journey. This way, they can have peace of mind to experience the joy and excitement of bringing new life into the world. 

What’s more, the hospital joins in the celebration of the newborn! TMC provides a set of post-delivery Gifts and Essentials as a sweet token for new parents to take home.

First-Time-Parents can also check their specially prepared guide here:

#5 Comprehensive Facilities and Experienced Nurses

Thomson Medical Maternity

TMC’s impressive delivery suite, accommodation and other arrangements will bowl you over. Here are some interesting facts we found out about TMC: 

  1. It is the only private hospital in Singapore with facilities for water birth.
  2. The hospital offers hydrotherapy for relaxation and pain relief.
  3. They are serious about breastfeeding and encourage skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding right after birth.

As you will be spending most of your time with nurses before and after you enter and exit the delivery room, a good maternity hospital should be staffed with nurses experienced with their craft. TMC scores well on this point as they have a stable of nurses with a wealth of experience under their belt, supporting generations of mothers and babies.

Even after you are discharged from the hospital, their nurses, affectionately known as Thomson Angels, will call to make sure that both baby and mother are coping well at home.

#6 Serious about Nutrition

Thomson Medical Maternity

Nutrition is key for a healthy pregnancy and it becomes even more important after the baby is born. New mums need to regain their strength!

Mothers who deliver with TMC are served Thomson’s signature fish and papaya soup every day. Packed with vitamins, minerals and protein, the soup is known to increase breast milk supply and improve lactation.

The other signature dish that new mothers get to enjoy at Thomson is the Longan and Red Dates Tea which aids in the replenishment of energy and blood, helps overcome fatigue and restores hormonal balance after delivery. This tea is available throughout the day.

Thomson’s kitchen whips up delectable, nutritious and mouth-watering food every day. And if told in advance, the hospital can cater to special dietary requirements including confinement food during your stay at the hospital.

#7 Support and Understanding

Thomson Medical Maternity

After a smooth delivery, a new mum’s first worry is often about whether or not she will be able to breastfeed her baby. Appreciating this concern, TMC deploys lactation consultants to provide mothers with personalised breastfeeding assistance and care in the comfort of their own rooms.

As TMC is also mindful of the needs of not only first-time mothers, but also first-time fathers, their team of excellent nurses are committed to educate new parents as part of their “Super Mum/Dad” programme before discharge from the hospital.

#8 Serving Your Future Needs

Thomson Medical Maternity

TMC understands the evolving needs of families — to them, it’s a journey beyond just delivering the baby. To walk abreast with you beyond your pregnancy journey, TMC offers an expanding network of services for you and your family at locations throughout the island.

What’s more, all TMC patients can enjoy complimentary Thomson Celebrating Life lifetime membership that rewards their health. You can find out more at

Mums-to-be, we understand that your journey through pregnancy and labour can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s normal for feelings of joy and excitement to be tinged with a streak of worry. Aside from being mindful of pregnancy concerns, women especially need to be aware of cardiovascular disease and how they can remain heart healthy.

With a partner like TMC for your delivery needs, you can leave your worries aside and look forward to a positive birth experience.

With almost 40 years of experience in delivering babies, TMC will make sure that you leave your hospital suite with a smile, ready to celebrate motherhood.

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