"Share traditions, not germs": How to stay healthy and happy this Chinese New Year

"Share traditions, not germs": How to stay healthy and happy this Chinese New Year

Want to stay germ free this Chinese New Year season? Read our handy tips right here.

What’s the most special part about Chinese New Year to you and your family?

Is it reconnecting with your family and friends over an amazing spread of New Year treats? Or is it watching the joy on your kids’ faces as they receive their first Angbao for the season?

It could even be searching for the perfect gifts for your loved ones at the many bustling Chinese New Year sales…

Whatever your favourite part about this traditional festival is, we’re certain you and your family will enjoy every minute of it.


Chinese New Year is a time for family gatherings and reunions.

In order to have the best possible Chinese New Year, you need to ensure your family stays healthy and avoids catching any bugs.

Experts believe that there’s a higher chance of getting up to 10 types of hygiene related problems during this period. These include sore throats, respiratory problems, dysentery, diarrhoea, pink-eye, typhoid, fever, skin rashes, prickly heat, pimples and even body odour.

Germs tend to spread rapidly during festive seasons, obviously because there is a higher interaction rate during these times.


Spending Chinese New Year being sick isn’t really fun!

For instance, consider a sumptuous spread of Chinese New Year treats that includes snacks. They are usually devoured using your hands instead of chopsticks or cutlery.

Then we all know that Chinese New Year is also the time for exchanging hugs with loved ones and shaking hands – which is another easy way of transferring and receiving germs.

But you can’t really stay away from being close to your loved ones during this special season just because it promotes the spreading of germs, right?

This is exactly why you need have a safety net and build your immunity against germs this Chinese New Year.

Find out how you can stay germ-free especially during CNY celebrations, on the next page…

Here are a few ways to stay healthy during the Chinese New Year season

1. Consider getting the flu vaccine, if you haven’t already done so.

2. Drink plenty of water – Staying hydrated keeps the mucous membranes in the nose moist and this often helps the body to keep out germs.

3. Sanitize and wash your hands regularly – Doctors say that the easiest way of spreading bugs is via germs on the hands. Keep an alcohol-based sanitizer such as Lifebuoy hand sanitizer in your purse or bag at all times and use it regularly.

Also make sure your little ones wash their hands thoroughly with a germ protection soap — such as Lifebuoy — especially after going out, using the toilet and before eating.


It is best that your child uses an anti-bacterial body wash such as Lifebuoy body wash when taking a shower.

4. Don’t overdo the partying – Make sure you and your kids rest well and get enough of sleep during this season. When your body is tired, you tend to catch bugs easier.

5. Get some fresh air – We understand that it is close to impossible to exercise during Chinese New Year, but try your best to get outdoors, even for a leisurely stroll. This might be a great idea, especially after feasting on those calorie-laden (but utterly irresistible) treats!

6. Do not overdo the alcohol – Of course you can have a drink or two, but make sure to drink enough water and eat while you enjoy your drink. Alcoholic beverages have a high content of sugar and can increase your blood sugar.


Find time to get some fresh air with your family.

7. Pre-empt a cold – Or any other sickness for that matter. If you feel you or your kids are getting a bug, get enough rest and stay hydrated.

8. Consider taking a vitamin supplement – Although this won’t prevent you from getting a cold, it will help boost your immunity and make up for certain nutrients you may not be getting during the Chinese New Year feasting period.

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Protect yourself from 10 hygiene related health problems with Lifebuoy

We mentioned these 10 hygiene related problems earlier in this article, but did you know that for the most part, these can be avoided just by practicing good hygiene?


Lifebuoy offers protection against germs in an easy and effective way.

By simply washing your hands thoroughly with a trusted antibacterial hand-wash such as Lifebuoy, you can get rid of 99.9% germs on your hands in just 10 seconds.

So this Chinese New year, share traditions, not germs! Ensure that your family stays clean and healthy by using a good germ protection body soap like Lifebuoy after a day’s worth of activities.

Build a safety net for you and your family by practicing good hygiene to stay happy and healthy.


Protect your family from germs this Chinese New Year.


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What are your tried and tested tips to avoid getting bugs during the festive season? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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