11 fun activities to do on Father's Day to show your appreciation for daddy!

11 fun activities to do on Father's Day to show your appreciation for daddy!

Go beyond breakfast in bed to show your appreciation for daddy!

Opening jar lids, lifting heavy loads, replacing car tyres—we turn to this man for this and more: Dad. Now that Father’s Day is just a few days away—on June 16 to be exact—it’s your opportunity to show the man of the house some love and appreciation. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Whether your husband is sporty and enjoys the outdoors or appreciates the finer things in life, here are suggestions for the things to do on Father’s Day to show much you love him.

11 Top Things To Do On Father’s Day

Dads also deserve to be celebrated. But buying gifts or organising activities for men can sometimes prove to be a bit difficult. If you haven’t already made plans for Father’s Day this year, try some of these activities to make the day extra special. It can involve his favourite hobbies, or introduce him to something he’s never tried before! Keep Father’s Day fun and fresh while showing him how much the family appreciates him with these activities.

1. Let loose and enjoy the outdoors!

things to do on father's day

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Visit Pulau Ubin for a great family activity, especially if daddy is a nature lover! You’ll find great nature trekking routes to spot some of Singapore’s furry inhabitants. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city can also be a fantastic way to unwind! Just remember to bring sunscreen for you and the little ones!

2. Jump back in time

If dad is a bookworm and loves culture and history, then there’s only one place to go to satisfy his intellectual cravings – the museum! There are plenty of museums around Singapore to pique daddy’s interests. Whether it’s the renowned National Museum of Singapore, futuristic Red Dot Design Museum, or the interactive The Maritime Experiential Museum, you’ll keep the whole family entertained for hours! In fact, you might have a harder time pulling dad out of there instead of your kids!

3. Time for a makeover

Fathers have many endearing and charming qualities. While he might show them off regularly, he doesn’t always have the chance to look dapper! Take daddy to a fancy hairstylist or barber for a proper pampering session. A little grooming can do wonders for keeping him looking sharp and snazzy – reminding you why you fell in love with him in the first place!

4. Become an escape artist

Many fathers are competitive, even over small things! Channel that competitive nature into a fun family activity – an escape room! Dad and the kids will have to put their heads together with razor-sharp wits and eagle-eye observation to find all the clues in time to escape from their temporary dungeon. It’s also a great way to flex your kids’ cognitive abilities! 

5. Cool off down a Slip N Slide

11 fun activities to do on Father's Day to show your appreciation for daddy!

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We’re not talking about your back garden! Take Daddy to Resort World Water Park or Wild Wild Wet! Let daddy unleash the big kid inside of him in these water parks – he deserves to enjoy himself! Your kids will love seeing their dad laughing and flying down water slides. Having a splash will put a smile on all of your faces and is one of the most fun things to do on Father’s Day!

6. Unwind with a massage

Take Daddy to a spa to help him relax. Going to work, caring for his kids, and being the best father and husband possible will surely leave a few knots in the shoulders and back. Spa treatment will be just the trick to helping him loosen up and back to his best.

7. Take dad for a spot of fishing

Does daddy have maritime interests? Then how about taking the family out for a fishing trip! Whether he considers himself a veteran of the sea or a newbie who doesn’t know how to set up a fishing rod, you’ll enjoy the time together all the same.

8. Transport him to a different world

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There’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned trip to the cinema! Can you remember the last time the family went out to see a film? You could take the gang to see a family-friendly movie. But if he prefers watching films that definitely aren’t for children’s eyes, then you could have a date with him to see a film he’s been dying to see for a while. After all, daddy puts the family first throughout the year, so it’s good to put him first – even for just a day!

9. Bring him for a fancy steak dinner

You can even prepare a meal at home! Getting the kids involved with cooking also helps them develop their gross and fine motor skills! And you can even buy a new set of carving knives if daddy is handy around the kitchen!

10. Challenge him to an upwards race

Does daddy enjoy getting sweaty and a challenge? Rock climbing can be that challenge for him. Instructors and safety equipment makes it a safe and fun activity for him and the kids to get stuck into. Clip ‘n’ Climb offers various indoor climbing courses where the little ones and the big kid can race to the top!

11. Enjoy the sun with food and family

things to do on father's day

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BBQ is a great way to spend time together as a family. And it’s also great if daddy loves grilling meat. Book a BBQ pit at the East Coast Park for a simple but fun time celebrating the man of the house.

We hope this has given you more ideas to help daddy feel extra special on June 16! There’s definitely something for everyone so plan a few things and the whole family can enjoy the day together!

Sources: AsiaOne

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