7 Things Only Young Singaporean Mums Can Relate To The Most

7 Things Only Young Singaporean Mums Can Relate To The Most

Young mums, there are more perks that go beyond just being the "hot mum". Here are some of them.

Remember that moment when you set your eyes on the two pink lines and the only thing that runs through your mind is - "My goals, my career, my future, my body, my freedom... all gone."

But since then, with your little one in hand, do you notice all the hidden perks and advantages of being a young mum?

Here are some perks of being a young mother which goes way beyond keeping your figure and being the "hot mum."


#1 Sleep deprivation isn't really an issue


Young mummies should be (more) used to pulling an all-nighter since you've done it during exam periods and well, the occasional "overnight-ing" isn't something foreign to you. Having a baby won't require much of a serious sleep schedule re-adjustment. You can survive with little to no sleep and still be able to get through the day. Right?


#2 Being spoilt with gifts

You're probably the only one amongst your friends to have a baby so your little one will be a bit of a novelty, which often means being spoiled with visits and gifts! Not a bad thing, now is it?


#3 More time spent with grandparents


Since you had an early start, there will be a high chance that your kids will have longer-lasting relationships with your parents. Also, grannies will get to play a more active role in helping to raise your children. Your kids might even have them in their lives throughout their childhood. What a blessing!


#4 No to fertility issues!

Since you're young, it's unlikely to encounter any fertility issues. Score!


#5 There'll be no form of "parenting peer pressure"

As you may be one of the few in your circle of friends to have a child, you have the freedom to make your own decisions without having to feel overwhelmed by how your friends are disciplining their kids.


#6 You'll become your friends' preggie guru

When it's your friend's turn to get pregnant, they'd turn to you for advice!


#7 You have so much energy


Not only at the moment, but even when it's ten years down the road, you'll still be able to enjoy physical activities with your child. For example, hiking, perhaps?


Young mummies, can you relate? Share your thoughts with us! 

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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