5 Things mums wish they knew before pregnancy

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If you could travel back and talk to your past self, what would you let them know about pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be the most magical time of all for some mothers, others find it to be burdensome and a bit of a challenge. While the result of a pregnancy is always worth the effort, regardless of how you view it, there are many mums out there that like to think about hindsight. I mean to say that a lot of mums wouldn't mind hopping in a time machine and telling their past selves what they can expect over the course of their pregnancy.

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Unfortunately, society has yet to build a time machine, so for now, mums will just have to settle with this helpful list of 5 things mums with they knew before pregnancy!

1. It can take a lot of time and effort to get pregnant

For many mums-to-be, the road to pregnancy can be easy; however, for other mums...not so much. Everyone is different so, while getting pregnant may be as simple as having unprotected sex for some, other mums have to work and be patient to conceive. For mums who had to work at getting pregnant, it might be nice to tell your past self to set reasonable expectations and to understand that these things take time!


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2. No cycle is the same

As you've probably ascertained by this point in life, everyone is different and pregnancy varies in women. Your cycle may be incredibly different from other mummy friends, so it's important to know before to keep in mind before getting pregnant that no two women's pregnancy (or their cycles) are the same. It's nice to think that you'll ovulate on day 14, but...it may be wise to keep an open mind.


3. Miscarriages happen more often than you'd think

A mother experiencing a miscarriage is no laughing matter, in fact it can be one of the most devastating things a mum will ever experience. While it's best not to dwell on the looming possibilities of a dark possibility, it's also prudent to keep in mind that it is a possibility, and they occur more often than you'd think. Some researchers suggest that up to 15-20% of pregnancies in in a miscarriage.

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4. Prepare for the weird and gross stuff

Your body experiences a plethora of strange, uncomfortable changes during pregnancy. Along with the weird stuff...comes the gross stuff. Try saying cervical mucus without feeling even the slightest bit grossed out. In the end, it's all worth it, but if you could relay a warning to your past self, you could tell them about all the strange and gross things to expect when expecting!


5. You'll obsess over pregnancy symptoms

Most expecting mums, who've never been pregnant before, tend to be a bit worrisome during their first run at pregnancy. The result of this is mums who obsess (in a good way) over each and every road bump along the way! The worrying comes from a good place, but if you could go back and talk to yourself, wouldn't you tell yourself not to worry so much?

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