10 things dads shouldn’t say while their wife's in labour

10 things dads shouldn’t say while their wife's in labour

Dads-to-be, don't say you weren't warned!

They may mean well but, sometimes, dads-to-be in all their excitement to meet their little one tend to forget to filter what they say during the stressful hours leading up to child birth.

Some of the mums over on theAsianparent Community contributed to a fun discussion when asked what words their hubbies should never utter to their wives while they're about to push a human being out of their bodies.

1. Can I take a nap?

Chances are, your wife would kill for a catnap but the mind-numbing pain may be a big hindrance to this.

2. Woah! That looks painful

Don't state the obvious. Because, your wife is most likely trying her best to take her mind off the pain. Pointing it out will be anything but helpful.

3. Just keep breathing, I hear that helps

Unsolicited medical advice is rarely a good idea, especially if your wife is in the throes of labour. Just be there in silence and be attentive to her needs.

4. You look terrible - if only you can see how you look right now

This is never a good idea; her appearance is the last thing on her mind at this point.

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5. It doesn’t hurt THAT much, right?

You can never fully grasp labour pains unless you feel it yourself; so, it's best not to undermine her struggles.

6. I'd kill for a snack right now!

Mums in labour can't consume food or water during labour. So, talking about your cravings when they can only munch on ice chips is an absolute no-no.

7. Since you're not fully dilated, can I just play with my PSP first?

Hinting that you're bored when your wife's only activity is to ride wave after wave of contractions can be really annoying.

8. I never want to go through this again

Of course you're allowed to have feelings but it's best to keep sentiments like these to yourself. It may only upset your wife who's still trying to recover from hours (even days) of labour.

9. I'm so exhausted!

Trust us; do not utter these words---unless you have a death wish.

10. So when are we planning number 2?

The last thing on a woman's mind right after giving birth is having sex or going through labour again.

You might want to hold off on asking this question for a few months to a year.

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