8 small things that your child needs from you daily

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Make sure to do these things to your child everyday as a reminder of how much you care about them.

Children need constant love and support from their parents. As a parent, you need to always be there for your children no matter what. These small things can help you strengthen your relationship with your child as well as make them a lot happier in the long run.

1. Spend some one-on-one time with your child

Even a few hours of quality time can mean a lot to your child. Taking the time out of your day to spend with them makes them feel that they’re a very important part of your life.

2. Turn off your phone

While breaking your phone might be a bit too much, it really is important to make sure that you disconnect every so often. It’s not a good example to set your kids if you’re always on the phone or on your laptop doing work, so they also need to see that you’re capable of disconnecting yourself and just focus on the little things.

3. Be affectionate

Your child loves to see you be affectionate not only with them, but also with your entire family. It teaches them that love should be at the center of every family. Being affectionate and compassionate will help your children have love and compassion towards the people around them.

4. Listen

Kids can be a bit enthusiastic when it comes to sharing what happened during their day. Even if you feel like they told you the same story a thousand times before, it’s still important to listen to your kids. At their young age, you’re the only person that can act as their confidant, so you need to let them feel that you’ll always be there to hear them out, most especially if they have any problems.

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