The Magic Fiddler - brings out the musician in you

The Magic Fiddler - brings out the musician in you

Other than using music to discover a potential child prodigy, musical education can also help to strengthen and equip your kid for school. Find out more on how Magic Fiddler uses music to benefit brain development in your child.


The Magic Fiddler

A small percentage of parents put their children through the rigors of a musical education in the hopes that they will be the next musical prodigy like Abigail Sin, Singapore’s most celebrated young pianist.

Many are more practical.  They recognized that a musical education before the age of 6 is beneficial to the development of the brain. This in turn, may help their offspring be better equipped for school.

“Music has an effect on your brain,” says Chris Tan, director of Magic Fiddler. This finding is supported by research from Canadian Scientists that music lessons can improve memory and learning ability in young children as it helps to develop the network of cognitive functioning related to memory and attention.  In addition, many studies have also shown that the brain of children as young as 4 months old, responds to sounds.

Music Wires The Brain

With this in mind, Magic Fiddler is launching 3 new programs, Pre-Natal Music Course, Total Music Brain Language Playgroup and Showtime in April.

1. Pre-Natal Music Course targets new or expecting mothers by teaching them how to sing nursery rhymes to their babies to help wire the babies’ brain while they are still growing in their mommies’ belly.

2. Total Music Brain Language Play Group targets babies, toddlers and preschooler (0 to 4 years old).

3. Showtime is a Talentime-based performance for kids 6 – 16 years old.  Catch the performances by Magic Fiddler students at the initial launch of Showcase at Kidz Academy, held at Suntec City Exhibition Hall 401 (level 4), Booth No. D5, on 25 – 27 March 2010.

While many musical institutions around promise to channel the musical talents of a child, Magic Fiddler students are treated to a fun and holistic learning journey that pledges life-long benefits.  Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to play an instrument, the Magic Fiddler student also has the advantage of early brain development as well as the additional confidence in their musical abilities and the knowledge of historical and contemporary musical pieces.

Delphine Tetard , mother of Antoine (how old???), waxes lyrical on the program, the benefits her son had gained and the teachers’ competence:

Magic Fiddler (MF): What do you/your child like about our music classes/events?

Delphine Tetard (DT): Antoine is always happy to come to his weekly classes at Magic Fiddler. He enjoys the way he is taught: a combination of theory through fun exercises as well as practicing piano. During the holistic events he can learn about other instruments and have the chance to perform in front of his friends.

MF: How does your child benefit from our program/ curriculum?
DT: Antoine really benefit from this courses by gaining self confidence. His teacher trusts him. He’s grown up a lot and learned to apprehend new situations (stage performance, exams etc.) He’s having fun and you can see it through his permanent smile when arriving at Magic Fiddler.

MF: How do you rate the teachers’ competence/ teaching ability?
DT: The theory approach used by Magic Fiddler (English methodology) is more fun than the French method! I personally feel that teachers are very dedicated to their work and their students. They are able to create a trustworthy environment for the children. They continuously encourage them and motivate them to reach higher level of performance. They are supported by a great team of Magic Fiddler’s employees.

Music Programs for Young Children

Established in 2003, Magic Fiddler is a music school providing quality, fun and holistic music education to young children and adults in Singapore. With two outlets conveniently located at central regions of Singapore, Magic Fiddler has grown from strength to strength, gaining good reputation and strong rapport with its students and parents over the years.

Magic Fiddler endorses the internationally recognized music program for very young children, ‘Music Together’, and their signature in-house music courses such as Music Treasure Hunt and Kiddie Music Playground.

Magic Fiddler adopts an interesting and engaging approach in imparting musical knowledge.

The Total-Brain Playgroup is yet another music and brain-based course catered to very young children. Programs such as Walking with Mozart, My Musical Birthday Party and the various short-term school holiday courses promise to present a creative learning experience for music enthusiasts of all ages, while dance courses conducted at our centre also provide students of all ages with fun and energetic training of body movements and coordination.

In all, Magic Fiddler’s music programs cater to students of all ages, including children, teenagers and adults.

Magic Fiddler also provides music training to budding music educators and teachers in search of certified music qualification. Both Magic Fiddler students and teachers undergo training from established music examination boards, such as Associated Board of Royal Music Schools (ABRSM), Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts (ANZCA), London College of Music (LCM) and Trinity Rockschool.

Their music instructors specialize in a wide spectrum of musical instruments, namely Piano, Violin, Cello, Drums, Guitar (Electric/ Acoustic/ Classical/ Bass), Harp, Keyboard and more.

Magic Fiddler is located at 402 Orchard Road, #02-01 Delfi Orchard. For more information on its programmes and fees, please visit or call 62381833 or 63529937.

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