GOO.N diapers - The Japanese Solution to Diaper Woes

GOO.N diapers - The Japanese Solution to Diaper Woes

Mrs Goh would lug around a huge diaper bag whenever she goes out with her 20-month-old baby. Her biggest woes were the number of diapers she must carry and the bulk they contribute to her bag.

Mrs Goh would lug around a huge diaper bag whenever she goes out with her 20-month-old baby.  Her biggest woes were the number of diapers she must carry and the bulk they contribute to her bag.

That was until she discovered GOO.N diapers, a line of Japanese made premium diapers.  “It is very thin, very light, and very absorbent,” she gushes, adding “I no longer need to get any nappy rash cream.”

The experts behind GOO.N diapers design their line of diapers based on consumer feedback and intensive research on parental needs.  They discovered that the top priorities for parents are diapers that are easy to use, do not leak and most importantly, prevent diaper rash.

GOO.N – Providing Extra Care For Your Baby’s Delicate Skin

To achieve these objectives, the experts at GOO.N have focused on three main factors to prevent diaper rash and developed advanced manufacturing process to ensure the softness, dryness and breathability of their diapers.

One of their creations is the Silky Soft Touch Sheet, which is incorporated into all of their diapers. Unlike ordinary diapers, GOO.N’s Touch Sheet undergoes a treatment specially designed to ensure smoothness, reduce bulkiness and eliminate the fibers that could possibly irritate your baby’s sensitive skin and result in diaper rash.

GOO.N’s Silky Soft Touch Sheet

All of GOO.N’s diapers are also equipped with their signature Super Absorbent Core that ensures that your baby stays dry and comfortable all day long!  Most ordinary diapers consist of the top sheet, elastic, adhesive and back sheet, and these layers block the movement of air and cause the diapers to be less breathable and comfortable for your child.

Mrs Goh’s 20 months boy, Zoel, happily moving around with GOO.N diaper.

GOO.N resolved this problem by using a revolutionary method to coat the adhesive directly onto the elastic.  Thus reducing the thickness of the diaper and creating their very own highly breathable film which guarantees long lasting comfort for your baby. This means that parents do not have to change their baby’s diapers that often, making GOO.N diapers perfect for night use!

Innovative Features that Parents Love!

GOO.N diapers are not only designed for babies in mind but for their parents too. Besides being soft, absorbent and comfortable for children, GOO.N diapers also include thoughtful features that parents really appreciate and love!  The diapers come in two main variations, GOO.N Supreme and GOO.N Supreme Pants.

GOO.N Supreme diapers are fastened with adjustable velcro tape which is not only durable, as it stays tight and secure even after long hours, but also soft and does not scratch or leave red marks on your baby’s thigh.

GOO.N Supreme Pants come in a super-thin diaper design, which fit like real underwear. These “diaper pants” also have stretch-to-fit gathers that prevent leakage, ensures a secure fit while allowing your child the freedom to move about.

Another exciting feature is the Wetness Indicator located on the front of the diaper that helps parents to know when to change their baby’s diaper, making it extremely helpful especially for first time parents!

GOO.N diapers are also convenient to pack and travel with, as they are very thin and compact. What’s more, the diapers come in sizes ranging from S to XXL, so you can depend on GOO.N diapers being there for your children as they grow!

Guaranteed High Quality and Safety Standards

GOO.N diapers are developed and manufactured in Japan and its creators are dedicated to the highest standards of quality and safety for their consumers. Their top-class machine-only manufacturing process not only guarantees the quality of their products but also lowers the cost of production so consumers can enjoy high quality products at affordable prices.

GOO.N diapers also undergo stringent testing and quality control checks so parents are assured of their safety and reliability. The company has been unceasing in their quest to improve their disposable diapers and is constantly researching and coming up with creative and innovative solutions so you can look forward to new and improved versions of GOO.N diapers!

Where To Get GOO.N diapers?

GOO.N diapers are currently available at most Cold Storage outlets across Singapore.

You can also order them from  Enjoy free home delivery with the first order of any pack of diapers. For subsequent orders, delivery is free when the total amount is over $80. readers enjoy a 10% discount for orders over $120!  Log onto for your free sample of GOO.N diapers and see what other parents have to say about this revolutionary brand.

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Felicia Chin

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