Go on a breathtaking adventure around the world at Changi Airport’s “The Great Adventure” event

Go on a breathtaking adventure around the world at Changi Airport’s “The Great Adventure” event

Visit 4 dream destinations from around the world, only at Changi Airport. Keep reading to find out more...

The great adventure

Changi Airport’s The Great Adventure

As parents, we would like to expose our children to learn about different countries and their culture to broaden their horizons.

However, we don’t always have the opportunity to travel around the world. Travelling as a family can be expensive and entails a lot of preparation and planning.

Well, here’s some exciting news! “The Great Adventure” at Changi Airport Terminal 3, lets us experience amazing and fun adventures with the family, without the hassle of flying anywhere!

Introducing Changi Airport’s The Great Adventure!

The Great Adventureis an experiential exhibition that will take you and your family on an exhilarating journey around the world to 4 amazing countries. These countries will offer your family a treasure trove of cultural and environmental riches!

Adventure #1: Destination Brazil!

Known as the ‘lungs’ of our planet and home to an incredible array of rare fauna and flora, the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil is one of the amazing destinations you’ll get to ‘experience’ at Changi Airport.

Here’s a fun fact for the kids (and you!): Did you know that the forest floor of the Amazon Rainforest is typically dark? Very little sunlight makes it through the thick tree canopy above!

The Great Adventure

Explore the rainforests of Brazil without stepping a foot outside Singapore!

Adventure #2: Destination China!

At this next Great Adventure location, your kids will get to learn about the famous ancient Terracotta Army of China.

Talking about these amazing life-like warriors, did you know that they are part of one of the world’s largest and oldest imperial tomb complexes? While about 1,800 statues have been uncovered, most of the complex is yet to be excavated!

the great adventure

Learn some history with the incredible terracotta warriors of China!

Adventure #3: Destination Sri Lanka!

This teardrop-shaped island, also known as “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean” is tiny but mighty in culture and environmental diversity… and you get to experience a taste of this country’s rich wildlife at Changi Airport!

Before you “take a trip” there, here’s something to tell your kids about this little island:

Did you know Sri Lanka has the world’s largest concentration of Asian elephants which are the world’s largest terrestrial mammals!

the great adventure

Experience Sri Lanka’s wildlife at Changi Airport’s The Great Adventure!

Adventure #4: Destination Mauritius! 

Parents, this one will probably be your favorite among the Great Adventure destinations! You’ll get to experience what it will be like to escape to your very own private beach getaway in beautiful Mauritius!

Here are some fun facts about this lovely island, especially for the kids:

  • With a wide variety of sea sports and beach activities, kids can go parasailing, kite flying and even dolphin-watching!
  • The coral reef barriers along its beaches stretch for approximately 300km long!
the great adventure

Experience the warm, sandy beaches of Mauritius!

Check out the information below so you can start planning your ‘trip’:

When: 6th September (Saturday) to 28th September 2014 (Sunday)

Time: 12pm to 11pm, daily

Venue: Terminal 3, Level 2, Departure Check-In Hall Row 11 (Public area)

But wait… There are even more fun activities lined up for you and the family

Find out more at the next page…

Adventure Ride

The little ones will be thrilled to hop on our indoor adventure ride. Simply  spend a minimum of S$30 (or S$60 for supermarkets) from any Changi Airport shopping or dining outlet to redeem an entry pass and realise this dream!

The rides ares available on all weekends (Sat & Sun) throughout the event period.

The Great Adventure

The Great Adventureis sure to be an educational experience for the whole family!

Exhibition Journey

You and your kids will get to find out even more about the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, Xi’an (where the Terracotta Warriors are located) in China, as well as interesting facts and information about Sri Lanka and Mauritius through Changi Airport’s free experiential (and educational) exhibition!

That’s not all… you can also receive a free gift (while stocks last) by visiting the four adventurous destinations  at the exhibition to complete an Exhibition Journey guide, redeemable at the registration booth!

How to redeem an Exhibition Journey guide

  • Present a single same-day receipt with a minimum spend of S$10 (or S$20 for supermarkets) from any Changi Airport shopping or dining outlet to redeem one (1) Exhibition Journey Guide.
  • For Changi Rewards members, present any valid same-day single receipt with no minimum spend required.
  • Limited to one (1) redemption per receipt, regardless of spending amount.
the great adventure

Changi Airport’s The Great Adventure– a not-to-be-missed experience for the whole family

Number Hunter Contest

Now parents… would you like to win S$1000 worth of Changi Shopping Vouchers? Well, now you can! Guess the number of spots on a pair of leopards found at the ‘Wildlife Adventure of Sri Lanka’!  Contest form is redeemable together with the Exhibition Journey Guide (minimum spend of S$10 or $20 for supermarket required).

For more information about Changi Airport’s Great Adventure event, including terms and conditions, visit changiairport.com/adventure.

Are you and your family raring to go on your very own Great Adventure? Well, now you know where to go! And don’t forget to tell us all about your experience by leaving a comment below!

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