The essentials of potty training

The essentials of potty training

Tackle potty training with our list of essentials!

potty training

Infant learning how to be potty trained!

When I think of baby overload, I think of the movie, “Father of the Bride, II”. When Nina finds out she is expecting, they redo a portion of their already large home into a nursery suite. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. It’s too much.

The same can be said when it comes to the subject of potty training. When it comes to what you need to do to effectively and efficiently potty train your child, very little in the way of supplies and/or equipment is actually necessary.

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What you need

The essentials of potty training are quite simple. You need:

  • A child who is ready to be potty trained. Of course, that’s understood. When your child experiences signs of readiness, get going though, before they decide it’s not important.
  • A potty chair or attachable child-sized seat that fits on the big potty. Feeling safe and secure rather than like there is a bottomless pit underneath them will make it easier and more comfortable for your child’s potty training adventure.
  • An attitude of calm and patience. Nothing good comes from being short-tempered. In fact, it only prolongs the process.
  • Incentives for your child to succeed. Use things such as bubbles, healthy snacks, stickers and story books. Using items to CELEBRATE (not reward) their willingness to try using the potty, and later their success in using the potty, is an excellent tool when used properly.
  • “Fancy” undies selected by your child for their transition from ‘babyhood’. It’s so exciting for a little one to ‘graduate’ to big boy or girl undies. They are usually very careful not to soil them.
  • Persistence and consistency. It’s a process. But remember, there’s not a kid out there who takes his/her driver’s test wearing a diaper.

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potty training

Using pull ups to help with potty training

What you don’t need

  • A time limit to get the job done
  • A lack of patience
  • A child that is not ready
  • An attitude of defeat

The little extras

There are multiple picture books on the market that talk about potty training. Purchasing a couple of books on the subject is a great idea. It’s not necessarily essential, but usually helpful.

Plastic sheeting for the bed to protect the mattress is also a non-essential, but a great idea. Some mums choose to use pull-up diapers at night until their child maintains dryness for a period of time before switching to undies at bedtime.

Portable potty chairs or seats for traveling are a good idea. Again, these are nice and much more sanitary, but soap, water and baby wipes are easier to carry with you.

Keep it simple. Keep it calm. Keep it real. Get it done.

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Darla Noble

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