The Dyson V11 – It Moves with My Lifestyle!

The Dyson V11 – It Moves with My Lifestyle!

Having tried out so many other vacuum cleaners in the past, I can say that the V11 is all I need now. Here's why:

Like most moms, I try to keep our house healthy, clean and dust-free. However, with my family's busy and active lifestyle, it’s hard to get all my work done and the house squeaky clean.

So when I got the Dyson V11 Absolute+ vacuum cleaner, my life transformed for the better! It has been a total game-changer when it comes to vacuuming our house.

Having tried out so many other vacuum cleaners in the past, I can say that the V11 is all I need now, and since I started using it, there’s been no turning back!  For all you moms out there struggling to maintain cleanliness at home because of your hectic lifestyle, let me tell you why you should get a Dyson V11 for yourself.

Here are five ways that the Dyson V11 moves with my active lifestyle:

  1. Cleans Everywhere

The Dyson V11 – It Moves with My Lifestyle!

The Dyson V11 cleans the floors, rugs, sofa, curtains, car, under the bed, etc. What’s more, the V11 even works great on some of those hard to reach, often neglected areas of the home. It has a variety of attachment heads with different uses which allows you to reach those corners and crevices. With one click of the button, you can easily change from one attachment to the other. It’s that simple!

  1. Cordless, Yet Powerful

The Dyson V11 – It Moves with My Lifestyle!

The V11 is cordless, yet very powerful, which is great for us moms that want to do a deep clean, but quickly and with more flexibility. The cordless Dyson V11 makes it easy to vacuum from room to room, without worrying about plug outlets or extension cords. Worried about how much power it can store? Unlike the other cordless vacuum cleaners I have owned in the past, the V11 has a long-lasting battery life. It has a run-time of approximately 60 minutes in Eco Mode, giving me ample amount of time to vacuum the entire house, while still providing powerful suction for generic cleans. 

  1. Thinks for You 

The Dyson V11 – It Moves with My Lifestyle!

Vacuuming should not be complicated. This is why I like the V11, because it takes the guesswork out of cleaning! It has a special ‘Dynamic Load Sensor’ (DLS) system which enables it to automatically detect different floor types and adjust the motor speed and power accordingly, so there is no need for you to make any adjustments when moving from hard floors to carpets and rugs, or vice versa.  In Auto mode, you can switch between carpet, wood and marble flooring without having to change cleaner heads or fumble around with buttons. It’s super easy and hassle-free when trying to clean different areas of the house.

There are three modes - Eco, Auto & Boost. ‘Eco mode’ allows the vacuum cleaner to extend the run-time without compromising on its performance. ‘Auto’ mode doubles up as a medium power setting, where the DLS system can be activated when moving between floor types. And finally, use Boost mode if you want to do a deep clean and take out that ground-in dirt.

The V11 also has a built-in LCD screen, which displays the different modes and the remaining run-time, so you don’t have to guess when your battery will run out or worry over the machine stopping mid-clean. What’s more, the display also shows you when your vacuum needs maintenance such as changing of filters or if there’s a blockage that needs clearing, making cleaning the house an easy and intuitive process.

  1. Easy to Clean & Empty

Dyson v11

The whole point of vacuuming is to make sure the dirt stays in and doesn't escape into the air.

With the V11, you can be assured that the dust, dirt, debris, hair and whatever else you’ve collected stays inside, thanks to the fully sealed filtration system. When you’re ready to empty the bin, all you need to do is push the red lever and "point & shoot" into the trash bin. There is no need to buy replacement bags or get your hands dirty. It’s easy and hygienic!

  1. All-in-One Storage & Battery Charging


Dyson v11

Once the house is clean, the V11 can be stowed on a wall mount or portable stand, which allows the vacuum to be charged whilst doubling up as a storage solution. In my home, the V11 and its attachments are on the stand and is easily accessible at all times. The stand came with my Dyson V11 Absolute+ bundle, which is exclusively available at or from the Dyson Demo Store – Owner Centre at Capitol Piazza. Thus, when we need to clean up after a project or an accidental spill, vacuuming is never a hassle. Even my boys like to pitch in and help sometimes. With the V11, it has actually become a fun task for them!

  1. Sleek & Stylish


Dyson v11

I was planning to only share five reasons why the Dyson moves with my lifestyle, but I just couldn't resist adding in one more. Now I know the look and style of a vacuum is not as important as the way it cleans, but my Dyson V11 Absolute+ features a sleek and stylish gold wand that deserves a special mention of its own!

It is so well-designed that you won’t mind doing the vacuuming yourself! Definitely a bonus in my book, don't you agree? Once you get the Dyson V11, no other vacuum will do. Besides being an all-in-one, cordless, yet deep-cleaning solution, the Dyson V11 really does fit with my mom lifestyle! Try it for yourself!

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