The birth control pill for men

The birth control pill for men

The birth control pill for men is coming soon to a pharmacy near you. Headed by Dr. Scott Hardin, this successful experiment of the pill, after 5 years, is finally ready to serve you. Guys, find out what this amazing pill can do for you…

The birth control pill for menHow the birth control pill for men works

The birth control pill for men is also known as the JQ1, it works to block out the protein essential for sperm cell production in testicles. Semen released will contain a 0% sperm count – according to Medical Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Scott Hardin, who works at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center.

Experiments conducted on the birth control pill for men

The birth control pill for men was tested on lab rats and successfully stunted the sperm production in male rats. Similar to the female birth control pill, this action is completely reversible. Once the lab rats were taken off the pills, their testicles were producing healthy sperm cells again. Ladies, it’s time you take a break. Guys, it’s your turn to schedule your phones for the pill intake.

Tried and tested

Larry Setlow, a 39-year-old computer programmer, is one of the first to test out the birth control pill for men. According to his statement, there wasn’t any noticeable side effects or any mood changes.

“The pill worked really well. According to the lab results, my sperm count dropped to zero,” said Setlow.

45-year-old Quentin Brown said he did not experience any side effects too when he was testing out the pill as a volunteer in a study of MHCS at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, Calif.

After the volunteers were taken off the pill, their lab results shows that their sperm count returned back to normal and were healthy as usual. In short, the pill is safe.

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Is the birth control pill for men really safe?

Dr. Joseph Alukal, director of male reproductive health at New York University's Langone Medical Center noted: “Sperm-making is a pretty delicate thing, and people do seem to have a concept of that. How long did it take for women to get comfortable with the reversibility of the birth control pill? I'm not sure."

He added, "If you look at vasectomy, there are plenty of men in committed relationships who choose to take onus of reproductive planning on themselves. I think the same sorts of people would choose to look into something like this."

What experts say about the birth control pill for men

Dr James Bradner, faculty at Harvard Medical School and the Broad Institute noted: “Our findings demonstrate that, when given to rodents, this compound produces a rapid and reversible decrease in sperm count and mobility with profound effects on fertility. These findings suggest that a reversible, oral male contraceptive may be possible.”

Dr Bradner of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, also said: “While we will be conducting more research to see if we can build on our current findings, JQ1 shows initial promise as a lead compound for male contraception.”

 Will your hubby try the birth control pill for men? Tell us why or why not in the comment box.

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Article by Patrick Loh


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