The best and unforgetable moment in my life

The best and unforgetable moment in my life

"Thank you hubby for being there all the time during the labour period infact u were there to see our baby push herself into this world where we are going to build a new happy life together." Nur Zahidah Sulaiman

It was the greatest experience for me. They said it was a very painful journey, but as for me it was the greatest journey of all.

Especially when I held her in my arms - the baby whom I’ve been waiting for 9 months for...the baby who I’ve carried here and there in my womb finally here in my arms..I still can’t believe that moment...I was 37 weeks pregnant at that point of time and was threatened to deliver my baby prematurely at 34 weeks due to being dilated at 3cm at that point of time. It was a normal delivery.

Here goes the actual labour story...

It was 1am in the morning on the 4th September 2010 (5 days before hari raya)I started to feel as if I’m having diarrhea went to the toilet but nothing really came out, so I decided to rest on my bed without waking my husband up because he needs to go to work the next morning. As it was on Muslim fasting month and I need to wake up at 5am in the morning to have my meal, but then I told my mom that I have been getting the every 5 minutes pain (contraction) she told me to sit and have my meal first and at that point of time as a mother instinct she knew I was about to go on labour that day that she made me have my meal so that I can have enough energy during the labour period. After having my meal I went into my room and start feeling all the pain again, told my husband and he decided that we should go to the hospital immediately. Went to the toilet have a bath and get ready to get to hospital.

At the hospital we went straight to the delivery suite for monitoring, they check out on me and I was 4 cm dilated and was immediately sent to the labour ward. Gosh! I was so afraid and I cried while the push me to the labour ward. Before that I hugged my mom and asked for all the forgiveness and I know after this moment I will become a mother and I will know how it feels like to become one. At the labour ward the doctor started to check on me and they told me that they need to burst my water bag, I was so afraid as I thought it was going to be very painful but it was just a gush of water flowing out of my womb. After awhile I started to feel all the pain and I started to take laughing gas to ease the pain and it works...1 hour...pass by I kept telling myself that I can do this…and hope that it will be dilated as soon as possible..Then the second hour pass by still the same feeling and I was dilated for only few centimeter. Kept trying to tell myself I can do this that’s when I started to feel thirsty, told the nurse that I wanted some cold drink but I was told that I can only have warm drink.

Then finally after the long 3 hours I finally dilated to 10 centimeter and was told to push the baby out. I tried but at the same time I was feeling thirsty in fact while pushing my baby out I asked the nurse if I can have a CAN OF COKE!! Coz I was too thirsty to even push! I just don’t know how I even had the thinking to have a can of coke at the moment like that did not shout coz of the pain but asked for a can of coke! My hubby was surprised and laughs at that moment; at the same time my baby was trying to push herself out from my womb! And like finally after all that I heard her first cry! She’s finally out yes my baby finally out!!!! And we cant believe that she’s finally in our arms...the baby who go through a lot of ups and downs with us is finally here..All the pain seems to go off after the delivery...And thank God that my baby and I are safe...nothing can describe how I felt on that moment.

Thank you hubby for being there all the while all the time during the labour period infact u were there to see our baby push herself into this world where we are going to build a new happy life together.

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