The Anatomy of Baby Clothes

The Anatomy of Baby Clothes

Babies and toddlers are curious little people. From constantly exploring their surroundings and discovering all the wonderful things they are just realising they are able to do, it’s no wonder they can never keep still! So when it comes to clothing them, parents would unanimously agree that we need to make choices that are practical and that do not stand in the way of their daily discoveries. That’s exactly why UNIQLO baby and toddler products are highly recommended by parents like you and me. Designed by parents for parents, UNIQLO pays attention to detail and promises maximum comfort to your child and convenience for you!

Uniqlo Baby

Attention to Detail

The Anatomy of Baby Clothes

Many parents don’t realise just how much thought goes into baby clothes. As a first-time mum, I used to choose clothes that looked cute, stylish or whatever suited my mood. Three kids and many disastrous screaming baby-changing attempts later, I learnt the hard way. 

Thankfully, I discovered UNIQLO and the ‘micro innovations’ that they pack into their baby products. Every detail is considered from the eyes of a parent to ensure the best product for the little ones. I was amazed to discover that a simple article of clothing could entail so many fine details.  

I absolutely love how the bodysuits have flat seams and exterior stitching, along with the care label outside of the garment, all to prevent irritating my baby’s skin. This is so important because the last thing any parent wants to see is a huge blotch of red on their baby’s delicate skin. 

Another detail that I especially like is how the bodysuits are made from a two-ply twisted yarn that gives them a smooth feel with reduced fuzzing and wrinkling. I like my baby’s clothes to look presentable. 

Thanks to these details, ever since I started using UNIQLO clothing for my children, they enjoy maximum comfort while I embrace the convenience of it! 

I also love the bright colours and visually stimulating print. As babies grow, their vision sharpens and designs stimulate their abstract thinking. This is a perfect opportunity to build socio-emotional skills such as independence and decision making by allowing them to choose their outfits. 

Pro tip: Pre-choose two outfits that your baby or toddler would love and allow your child to decide on one. In making the decision, your little one will feel empowered and learn to be more independent! 

Also, given how rapidly little ones outgrow their clothes, it doesn’t make sense to burn a hole in your wallet buying baby clothes. These bodysuits that come in both short and long sleeves in a variety of colours and designs are really affordable, at just $14.90 for a pack of two pieces! That’s more than a double win if you ask me.



As a mum to three little ones, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of comfort. Babies and sometimes even toddlers don’t know how to communicate their discomfort and may end up acting it up instead. Because UNIQLO is made by parents who know this only too well, they make comfort a top priority. 

UNIQLO bodysuits are made from soft, cool 100% cotton mesh that is really breathable. The AIRism mesh bodysuit* helps to wick away moisture and keep your baby’s skin cool and the mesh material allows for maximum breathability. This is heaven-sent for our hot and humid weather! 

As your child grows, they are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. And because outdoor learning is important in their development, you wouldn’t want clothing items to be in the way of their freedom to explore and learn many interesting things outdoors. If you’re worried about the unforgiving heat, UNIQLO UV Cut Mesh Hoodie* keeps your child protected and comfortable. Again, the mesh material allows breathability and the UV Cut function protects your child’s skin from UV rays. 

In addition, there are leggings for toddlers that come in a whole series of colours and designs. One of my favourites when dressing up is mixing and matching the kids’ outfits. I allow my kids to pick their outfits, however weird or crazy their combinations get. I believe that from a young age, we should be supportive of their decisions. This is a form of self-expression and it builds their confidence and creativity. Try it and watch the fun that unfolds!

The leggings are made of stretchy material that ensures freedom of movement and is easy to wear. The elastic waistband allows comfort on the waist and it is easy to adjust the size. It’s so easy to wear, your kids can do it on their own! Again, this builds independence as well as improves fine motor skills such as hand-eye coordination. 

Pro-tip: When your kids are learning how to dress themselves, never rush them. Always be encouraging and ensure they are comfortable in what they wear. 

I’ve been enjoying more outdoor time with my kids knowing that they are comfortable and well protected from the sun.

Comfort is a key priority for children to grow unrestricted and enjoy all the flexibility they need in a variety of situations. UNIQLO Baby ensures that from indoor to outdoor, your child stays comfortable and protected.



Let’s face it. As parents, we are busy and time-starved for taking care of a baby or toddler is demanding and energy-sapping. We don’t need the stress of fumbling with buttons to make it even more challenging. 

One of the ingenious features that I particularly love about UNIQLO baby clothes is how the crotch snaps are coloured to prevent mismatches and misaligned buttons. Perfect for when I’m in a hurry or those middle of the night changes when I’m half asleep.

I also like how the bodysuits have different openings to cater to different stages of a baby’s development. The smaller sizes are front-opening that makes it a breeze to change when your baby is lying down. The bigger sizes open wide at the neckline to avoid irritating your baby’s head. This works beautifully for when your baby is a little older and is able to sit.  

Likewise, the one-piece baby outfit comes with a bottom that can be opened, making diaper changes a lot easier. The body area can be fully opened as well, for super-easy changing.

The Anatomy of Baby Clothes

For the toddlers, the double face long sleeve pyjamas, available in various sizes and colours, have buttons to secure that top to bottom so your child’s tummy stays covered while sleeping. This saves you the trouble of constantly having to tuck them back to sleep! 

The 80-90 cm sizes also have snap shoulders to extend the neckline and an elastic waistband to make it easier to put the pyjamas on. I finally can change my kids into their sleepwear without having to wrestle them down! 

UNIQLO’s products truly help in making the seemingly simple tasks simpler so you can focus on taking care of your baby and yourself!

So there you go, mums, an easy and affordable solution to the woes of clothing your child. It has made me and many other parents’ lives so much easier, and I’m sure it will make yours too! Apart from the occasional thrill of dressing your child up as a bumblebee or cupcake, much to their protests, daily wear should be something that you don’t fret over. Since it is something you face every day, why not choose the best and have peace of mind for you and your child? 

*available in a variety of colours



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