Testimonial: Preparation for PSLE and beyond

Testimonial: Preparation for PSLE and beyond

Kelly recounts how fun and meaningful the Adam Khoo preparation for PSLE seminar was and how she started to motivate herself to work harder.

When my Dad first asked me if I wanted to attend the PSLE seminar, I was reluctant. I thought it was going to be a boring workshop, but I was wrong. The seminar was fun and meaningful. I learnt various study techniques such as: drawing good mind-maps, methods to solve tough word problems, and skills on good time management. Furthermore, the seminar gave me a huge wake-up call as to how little time I had left to prepare for my PSLE. It was only after the PSLE seminar that I started to motivate myself to work hard for PSLE.

Preparation for PSLE

Even after discovering several effective methods for scoring well for Math, I was still eager to learn more. Hence, I got my Dad to sign me up for classes at Adam Khoo Learning Centre (AKLC). Till today, I am still taking lessons with AKLC.

A love for Math

The Mathematics classes are always enjoyable and it has benefitted me a lot and helped me to develop an interest in Math. Because of AKLC, I have been scoring well for my Math in the past few years.

Preparation for PSLE is not solely academics

Apart from academics, I have also gained numerous learning experiences, which cannot be learnt from textbooks. For example, I was given the opportunity to be a coach when I was in Secondary One, and I decided to give it a try. I never regretted saying “Yes” to coaching because it allowed me to pick up skills such effective leadership, public events management, effective presentation, and flexible reaction in impromptu situations. I have also gained confident in myself especially in public speaking. It helped that there were multiple opportunities for me to test out these skills in camps and events.

More new experiences

Last year when I went back to PSLE seminar as Programme Director, I gained yet another new experience. It was a major event compared to all the camps I had done.

As Programme Director, I learnt first-hand how a public event is planned and executed. For instance, I had to handle the coordination for the different segments of the event and learn to give clear instructions when delegating tasks to coaches. In addition, I had to delegate different jobs to various individuals according to their strengths. From the senior coaches, I also learnt how to present myself to parents with the correct tone when handling any enquiries.

These experiences I have gained during my journey with Adam Khoo Learning Centre have benefited me in life, and I utilize the techniques I have learnt whenever I am studying for my examinations.

I will not forget the skills I developed, such as being flexible to changes, speaking confidently and giving my best all the time, and I believe these skills will surely be useful in my future endeavors.

Find out more about how you can attend Adam Khoo's PSLE 2012 seminar here.

Testimonial: Preparation for PSLE and beyond

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