This terrifying scenario can happen to your own children

This terrifying scenario can happen to your own children

Children in groups naturally deter kidnappers because of unwanted attention and difficulty controlling children.

All parents know the importance of teaching their children the maxim, “don’t trust strangers.”

But do their kids know exactly what it means?

When they find themselves in a complex situation in which the term “stranger” isn’t as clear cut, would they remember not to engage with a person they don’t know or succumb to the moment?

In a video Pretty Loaded released on YouTube, they showed how easy it can be for strangers to deceive children.

It starts with a child walking back home after school. Then all of a sudden, a car screeches to a halt by the side of the street.

Rolling down her window, a woman starts speaking to the child in a hurried, urgent tone. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere,” the woman says. “Your dad is in the hospital. Your mum sent me to come and get you.”

Concerned, the girl falls for the lie and eventually gets into the vehicle.

You may think such scenarios are rare, but according to, 73% of missing children involved the suspect driving a vehicle.

And in 2014, there were 466,949 reported incidents of missing children in the United States alone, according to the FBI National Crime Information Center.

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How to protect children when they’re outside

Teaching kids not to trust strangers can literally be a lifesaver.  Pretty Loaded offers these tips to make sure that no matter the situation, you can trust your children to do the right thing.

Never get into a car with someone you don’t know

This should be one of the most important points that parents should stress. Children should never get inside the car of someone they don’t know, even if they are offered candies, toys or other treats

Stay away from suspicious cars

Bigger men can easily lift and snatch children off the street and dump them to a nearby car.

Do not judge strangers by their appearance

Bad men doesn’t always appear sinister or suspicious. In fact, some bad men appear clean, well-groomed, and even attractive. teach children not to trust people based on their physical appearance.

Draw attention if somebody grabs you

In the event that they are grabbed by a stranger, instruct your children to make as much noise as they can to draw other people’s attention to them. This will command other people’s attention and hopefully help.

Learn to say “no” firmly

Bad men are notoriously known for luring their victims by offering appealing things. Teach your children how to say no to strangers no matter what.

Walk with other children

Advise children to find a walking buddy if they walk home from school. Children in groups naturally deter kidnappers because of unwanted attention and difficulty controlling children.

Keep your house key hidden

Keep it secure inside the bag so that only your child has easy access to it.

Always ay attention to your surroundings

Never allow children to pass by dangerous terrain or shady neighborhoods. As much as possible, children should walk down a path that is well lit and where there are other people.

Trust your instincts

Sometimes, the best alarm we have is our instincts. Kids need to learn that if they’re not feeling comfortable about something, chances are they may be in danger.

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