Sweet Singapore toddler makes friends with migrant workers

Sweet Singapore toddler makes friends with migrant workers

This child has a kind soul...

This mum never thought that teaching kindness to toddlers would make such a huge difference in her community. In return, her three-year-old son has shown her that kindness knows no bounds when he started making friends with the migrant construction workers in their area.

It All Started at the Carpark

Sweet Singapore toddler makes friends with migrant workers

Picture courtesy of the boy’s mum

It all started when upgrading works began at their estate’s carpark in December last year, explained the boy’s mother.

Her son was just two years old at that time and was really interested in the construction work and vehicles. To encourage his interest, both mother and son would walk to the construction area. Not long after, they began talking to the workers in the area.

The life of migrant workers can be hard especially when working in construction and living in a different country.

While we see many of them keeping to themselves most of the time, generally people ignore them. It can get pretty lonely living away from family in a place where nobody knows you.

But kindness came in the form of a three-year-old boy in Singapore when he went around connecting with and befriending many of them.

teaching kindness to toddlers

Teaching kindness to toddlers also means teaching them to be compassionate and caring for other people. | Picture courtesy of the boy’s mum

The mum remembers their first encounter with the migrant workers and how heartwarming it was. Many of them spoke little English and were reserved and shy in the beginning. Nevertheless, the language barrier never stopped them from communicating. Initially both parties had to use hand gestures to understand each other. 

After spending more time with them during their daily meetups, they found out that the workers from India, Bangladesh and Myanmar spoke the most English among all the migrants.  

teaching kindness to toddlers

Picture courtesy of the boy’s mum

Isn’t this simple act of kindness just amazing? Because of this toddler’s humility and heart, they are now firm friends. The workers always look forward to spending time with the little chap.

The Importance of Teaching Kindness to Toddlers

Bringing up your children to be kind and humble starts at home.

1. Treat Others the Way You Would Like to Be Treated

Always teach children to put themselves in other’s shoes. Prompt them to stop and think about what they do and how the other person would feel. Or how would they feel if they were on the receiving end? Do they want someone to praise them for trying or point out their weaknesses and differences? Compassion and empathy is key to teaching kindness to toddlers.

2. Kind Words and Smiles

When teaching kindness to toddlers, lead by example. Get kids into the habit of being friendly and saying something nice to say to someone. This doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t teach their child the basics of stranger danger. Let your children see you showing kindness by being nice to people you interact with throughout the day — whether it is to thank them, wish them a great day, or give a simple compliment. What they see is what they will learn.

3. Kindness Is Contagious

When parents start the ball rolling by being kind, children will pick it up. Their social circle and those they have been kind to will also pick it up. Growing up in the world is already difficult, which is why teaching kindness to toddlers from a young age is important. Trust us, a little kindness goes a long way.

4. Kindness Is a Feel Good Trait

And it provides a great sense of achievement! Despite parents’ efforts when it comes to teaching kindness to toddlers, nothing can beat the feeling of self-achievement when they have made someone really happy all on their own. Not only will they feel better about the world they live in, they will also feel the same about themselves. Raising children who are kind will not only lift them up, but it will also lift up the others around them. Kindness provides a firm foundation for children to grow up and become happy, loving people.


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Rosanna Chio

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