Teach your kids the value of giving and sharing

Teach your kids the value of giving and sharing

Read this for tips on what parents can do to teach their kids about giving and sharing with others.

teaching kids to share

Read this for tips on teaching kids to share

Charity begins at home.

Indeed, children will learn the value of giving and sharing primarily and mostly from their parents. Thus, parents have a crucial role in imparting this important value to their children starting from an early age. So, what should parents do to make their children get used to giving to and sharing what they have with others? Below are some specific suggestions that every parent can do.

Set an example. Demonstrate in front of your children that you share what you have with your spouse though it is only less than enough. It is important for your child to see this for children most of the time, imitate what they see. When a neighbour asks a little favour and you do it for him or her, they will learn that it is good to help and give to others in need. Thus, they will become givers themselves.

Talk to your child about giving and sharing. Aside from showing them that you give and share what you have to others, explain to them its importance. Explain what generosity can do for others and for them as well.

Motivate them to share and take turns in playing toys with their playmates. If there are other kids around whether they are at home or at a playground, lead your child to share or to play his or her toy with another kid. Suggest how they can take turns in playing or in playing together using the toy. This will somehow open up your child’s mind to the joy of sharing with another.

Express gratitude and appreciation when they give and share. Say “thank you” or “well done” or anything that will tell them that you are pleased and happy when they give to others or when they share to anyone especially those in need what they have. For example, my husband will usually ask from my two daughters that they give him what they are eating. He does this to encourage them to share to him. And when they do, he will say “thank you” and give them a hug or a kiss for what they have done.

Ask them to hand out gifts you have prepared for others. During the times when you prepare a gift for another person, you can ask your child to give it. For instance, I and my husband asked our children to give away packs of goodies to children who sing carols outside of our house during the Christmas season. There were also times when we go to a birthday party of another child; we ask one of our daughters or both of them to hand out the gift for the child celebrating his or her birthday. We also ask our child to place the money for our offering in the offering box at church.

Encourage them to give away things they no longer use to be given away to those who need it. When your kids are old enough to understand that there are less fortunate people in the society, you can motivate them to set aside their old and clothes, toys and books to be given away to children who can still use those things.

Be involved in charity work together with your kids. You can make donations, or by volunteer at a charity insitution on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. And as you do this you can tag along your children with you so they can also see what you are doing. If they see you giving yourself and time to help other people, they will learn that it is good to give and share to others.

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