Singapore's first superhero!

Singapore's first superhero!

Teach your young ones about how to keep clean and healthy in a fun new way! You might just see all their bad habits disappear.

Nanoboy Mission Health Cover

If you’re having a hard time trying to get your little ones to brush their teeth or cut down on TV time, you now have a superhero who might just do the job! Meet Nanoboy, the world’s smallest and Singapore’s first superhero. He battles the world of bacteria on a microscopic level and teaches young ones about the importance of health and personal hygiene. Pick up a copy of the new Nanoboy comic, based on the hit TV series, for your kids. Boys are certain to fall for the action packed, adventure-filled pages, and girls will marvel at Nanoboys secret identity and the Nanosquad.

Keeping things clean

The visual aspect of the Nanoboy series really speaks to a young audience, and they can relate to the characters that are around the same age as the comics target audience – six to nine year olds. This is the perfect age to make them aware of the negative impacts poor personal hygiene and damage to their health, can have. The Nanoboy Mission Health series does this in a very graphic and cleverly plotted manner. The storyline starts off with depicting how the main character neglects his mum’s advice and then learns why his mum was right through an adventure.

Go graphic

Carol Loi Pui Wan, taught her two girls how important personal hygiene was with the help of a picture book about germs. “They loved it, and we often referred back to it”, says Carol. There are ways of scaring your kids into believing bugs might attack their teeth, or that they might get diseases if they don’t clean themselves, but instead of using scare tactics, many graphic descriptions can help. Meiling Wong-Chainani printed out a step-by-step guide on how to wash your hands, had it laminated and placed it over the sink to teach her kids. She says this worked effectively. Check out another little Singaporean who got graphic here.

For their eyes only

There are various ways of getting your kids into the right habits, especially getting them to follow what you do on a daily basis, but they might just respond better to an outlet that is speaking directly to them and from their point of view.  The first issue of the Nanoboy Mission Health series is available at all major bookstores and convenience stores. Future issues will deal with how to teach your kid about healthy eating and how to use the Internet. You can also check out their range of online activities here:


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