Local singers Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim celebrate their son's first birthday with eco-themed party

Local singers Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim celebrate their son's first birthday with eco-themed party

Just the cutest eco-themed birthday party for little Momo who just turned 1.

When it comes to Children’s birthday parties, we probably conjure up ideas within the themes of Disney, cartoon characters, superheroes, and the like. After all, they are our kids’ favourites! But kudos to local singers Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim for always coming up with something different!

They held a mafia-themed party last year for their son, for his first-month celebration!

And now, guess what they came up with, for baby Momo’s 1st birthday party?

Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim

The Yakuza / Mafia themed party held for their son’s 1st month last year. (Photo / stitchxmarker)

Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim Go Eco-friendly for Son’s First Birthday

Recently, the local singers’ son, known as Momo, turned 1. The parents took to holding a lavish yet environmentally friendly, eco-themed party to celebrate their adorable tot’s important milestone in life.

tay kewei and alfred sim

Momo (not his real name) turns 1! The young parents just want to take things slowly and not overexpose their child too much.

“Our theme for Momo’s 1st birthday party was #LessIsMo ♻️” according to Tay Kewei on a Facebook post

The cool hashtag is a wordplay on Momo’s name. Clearly, the parents have thought about this thoroughly. 

tay kewei and alfred sim

#lessismo, do your part for #zerowaste.

tay kewei and alfred sim

Momo and his parents, featuring his super cute cake!

All of their guests were even presented with “zero waste” gift bag kits. Kewei says that it is to “inspire them to adopt this lifestyle”. The #zerowaste gift bags include one’s own cutlery for takeaway meals, reusable grocery shopping bag, bamboo toothbrushes, huskware cups, and straw pouches.

tay kewei and alfred sim

Good for the environment, handy and well, minimalistic!

When Creativity Kicks In… 

Speaking of the decor, it was splendid. They comprised of bottle caps, tin cans, coffee filters, wood, cardboard, and even fishing nets. Basically, opting for materials that can be recycled for the betterment of our Mother Earth!

Imagine the ways we can turn these “junk” into “treasures”?

(swipe to see how creative it gets)

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Even the games utilised recyclable items such as used plastic containers where guests can fish out the contents. That’s pretty innovative, isn’t it? It is through such little efforts that kids can learn how to do their part in helping to save the environment. 

tay kewei and alfred sim

They can be fun and effortless, just like that. Most importantly, the little ones will love it.

Amazing upcycling workshops were also conducted, which taught the guests on how to make coin pouches from milk cartons, and lamps from plastic milk jugs.

tay kewei and alfred sim

Workshops conducted by Terra SG that taught the guests on sustainability, while infusing an element of fun. 

It’s a definite win-win — creativity as well as efforts to saving the environment.

In Tay Kewei’s words herself…

“Let’s leave the planet a better place for our children: we can say no to single-use plastic, that is choking up our oceans and marine life, and be more responsible for our trash!”

What’s a unique or even out-of-this-world party theme you can think of? Share them with us in the comments below.

Photos: Facebook/Tay Kewei

Source: Tay Kewei

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