Tanglin Trust School Review

Tanglin Trust School Review

Thinking of sending your child to Tanglin Trust? Read our compiled review to make an informed decision.

Thinking of sending your child to Tanglin Trust? Don't till you read our compiled Tanglin Trust School review. We scour the web and bring you all the feedback we could garner about Tanglin Trust School.

Tanglin Trust School review

Tanglin Trust School Review- Negatives

kmlkml said: After my visit to Tanglin Trust School, I found that the class size is quite big in nursery (3-4 yrs old). It is about 24 kids in a class with one class teacher and 2 assistants.

LBS03 said: I have heard from couple of people is that - Tanglin has very low diversity, i.e., most are white British students .

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Tanglin Trust School Review- Positives


We were shown around Tanglin School last week. It is a lovely school and cannot imagine anyone having a problem with their children going to school at Tanglin. What I would say that school places are at a premium and that dependent on what year you are starting then there is a good chance of a waiting list. We were told that our child would most likely have to wait for a year if we were to register now.

Bush Girl said:

My kids are at Tanglin infant school and I am really impressed with the education they have had so far. We came from an inner London state school and I had to find a pre-school for my daughter for 7 months as Tanglin didn't have a place. I loved the pre-school and nearly left my son there instead of moving him to the huge environment of Tanglin. I did move him, in the end, and am very pleased I did. The school is huge but the kids really don't seem to notice. There are more kids in my daughter's year than in her entire school in London.

Tanglin likes to maintain 70% of the places for British nationals. However, in many cases, only one parent is British so there is actually a good range of nationalities. In my daughter's class there is one French child, two Aussies, one American/Irish, one Malaysian, one Ugandan, two Indians, and at least one with one Singaporean parent.

Impmj said:

Both my kids are at Tanglin Trust now and the education standard is good. I personally preferred to leave my children in the TTS feeder nursery, The Thinking Box at Tanglin until they were 5 and then moved them over. The kids loved both places, but for the first year or so I really missed the personal attention my kids got at The Thinking Box and their great photo-portfolios…sigh, big places just don’t have the time to pay such attention to detail. Would recommend both places highly – The Thinking Box for under fives and Tanglin Trust for over fives.

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