Taking the first step forward together

Taking the first step forward together

If your child has difficulty absorbing the Chinese language, read what LEAP Schoolhouse does differently to engage your child.

Chinese education for kids

Chinese education for kids

For many of our children, learning a new language, especially if it is Mandarin, is not an easy task. There is always the need to conquer not only the fear of foraying into something new, but also the challenge of being able to have the confidence to use the language with ease.

At LEAP SchoolHouse, their Chinese language teachers are all too aware of this. What then is the approach that is taken in the school to ease the children into the language?

Participate and work with the children in the use of the language together.

One teacher pretends to be a frog whilst another is a mother duck. No, this is not a theatrical rehearsal but a typical Chinese Speech & Drama lesson happening in LEAP SchoolHouse. Reading a Chinese short story and having difficulty in understanding the content? The teacher helming 阅读乐 (Yue Du Le) will create games to play and engage interest. Trying to unravel the mechanics of 汉語拼音 (Han Yu Pin Yin)? The teacher creates ‘loco-motion’ to the lesson by introducing bodily movements to each phoneme taught in the 拼音 (Pin Yin) system.


Getting the children to become part of the process of learning is one of the key success factors to the Chinese programmes at LEAP. The other is the small class size. Each of the classes caters to no more than 8 students in a class. The small intake allows for the teacher to be better able to understand a child’s learning needs. At the end of each term, a comprehensive feedback is given to the parents so that parents are able to better support their child’s learning of the language, even outside of the classroom.

So if you are looking for a Chinese programme to expose or enhance your child’s acquisition of the Chinese language that is engaging and fun, contact LEAP SchoolHouse at 6634 0828 or visit their facebook or www.leapschoolhouse.com.sg to find out more details!

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