Travel Taiwan with kids: where to go and what to do

Travel Taiwan with kids: where to go and what to do

Here's an idea for your next family holiday!

When it comes to family getaways, Taiwan with kids isn’t the first place to come to mind for parents. But when you find out about the incredible, child-friendly destination that it actually is, you’ll change your mind in a flash. Did we mention it’s also cheap? Just check out our tailor-made itinerary (with costs) later in the article. 

From delicious food and rich culture, to great shopping deals and efficient public transport, here’s why Taiwan needs to be on your family vacay bucket list! 

Why You Should Head to Taiwan with Kids the Very Next Holiday You Get

1. It’s easy to get around

taiwan with kids

The High Speed Rail (HSR) in Taiwan is an affordable option to get around Taiwan that is kid-friendly. If you have a fussy eater, you can bring their snacks on board as all trains allow consumption of food and beverages.

Taiwan is well-equipped with travel infrastructure that makes travelling the country with kids easy. The high-speed rail (HSR) allows for you to travel from the north of Taiwan (Taipei) to the south city of Kaohsiung in just two and a half hours!

The train stations are also very well thought out, so you won’t have any trouble finding your way around. The trains themselves are incredibly comfortable, and you are allowed to eat on board.

Top tip: Feel free to bring all of your kids’ favourite snacks on board, but be sure to be considerate by cleaning up afterwards! Strollers are welcome onboard too. 

2. Kids can adapt to the food easily

taiwan with kids

There are so many choices to pick from in Taiwan that it is easily adaptable to any fussy eater. Every night market is a fascinating foodie adventure. Just ask the vendors for non-spicy options!

Food in Taiwan is especially easy to adapt to for kids who are used to Asian cuisine. The staple foods, like rice and noodles, are a large part of Taiwanese diets. So you won’t have to worry about your kids not liking the food there. The food is generally less spicy than in China, so you know your kids will have a great time trying new food in Taiwan!

Top tip: Must-try dishes in Taiwan include the oyster mee sua (not spicy), Taiwanese sausages (ask the vendors for non-spicy variants) and the famous lu rou fan (not spicy). You won’t have to stress about ordering either – most vendors have the menu written in English!

3. It’s cheap

Taiwan is definitely cheaper than Korea or Japan. For night market food, you can easily get a huge packet of fried chicken for two to three people to share for only S$3. You can get three Taiwanese sausages for S$3 as well. A high-speed rail ticket from Taipei to Taichung only costs about S$60. From hotels to Airbnbs, you can easily get your accommodation for less than S$200 per night for the whole family.

Top tip: Buying a property in Taiwan is not cheap, so homeowners really take good care of their homes. Staying in an Airbnb is not a risk here. You will be sure to get a place that is clean and private and that the kids will be comfortable in. Children get 50% off HSR ticket prices, so be sure to purchase your tickets at the booth to get the discount!

4. It’s got everything

taiwan with kids

Taiwan is a beautiful country with tourist spots fit for any type of traveller. Explore national parks for something more outdoorsy, and don’t forget the other fun indoor activities like Taipei 101 too!

Looking for the beach? Taiwan has that. Looking for cities to explore? Plenty of that too. If your kids love nature, then Taiwan has loads of national parks and natural sites to enjoy. Thinking of doing something more historic? You’re covered there too. Whatever you might be looking for on your holiday bucket list, you will find it in Taiwan.

Top tip: Jiufen and Shifen is a great place to bring your kids. Jiufen is a historic mountain town with quirky teahouses lining its streets. It will transport you and the kids back to yesteryear and it’s a great way to learn about Asian history. Shifen touches more on the nature side, with its waterfalls and coastal viewing points.

For activities like visiting Jiufen or Shifen, a stroller might not be the greatest idea because of the crowds and uneven stone pavements. In fact, we would only recommend such places for older kids (above the age of three).

Other places like Taipei Zoo, Taipei 101, Taipei night markets, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and must-visit teahouses are great activities to do with kids of any age!

If you’re ready to go on a trip to Taiwan with kids, here’s an itinerary for you to consider.

Taiwan with kids

Taiwan with Kids: 5-Day-4-Night Itinerary

*Cost is based on a family of four.

Day 1  Land in Taipei
Visit the mountain town of Jiufen
Stop by the Golden Waterfall and Bitou Cape
Get dinner at world-famous Shilin Night Market
Return flights from Singapore to Taipei (S$225 x 4 = S$900)
Taxi from Taipei to Jiufen and back = S$90
Dinner at Shilin Night Market = S$15
Two nights hotel stay in Taipei = S$250
Day 2 Explore Shifen, old town and waterfall
Release sky lanterns 
Visit Raohe Night Market

Taipei to Shifen and back = S$90
Sky lanterns x 2 = S$12
Food at Raohe Night Market = S$15
Shopping = S$50

Day 3 Take High-Speed Rail (HSR) from Taipei to Taichung
Visit Lihpao Outlet Mall and Theme Park
Dinner at Fengjia Night Market

HSR (S$30 x 4) = S$120
Taxi to Lihpao Land = S$25
Lihpao Land all-inclusive tickets (S$58 x 4 = S$232)
Hotel in Taichung = S$70

Day 4 Take bus from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake
Take cruise around Sun Moon Lake
Dinner at the night market
Bus tickets (S$10 x 4 = S$40)
Cruise around Sun Moon Lake (S$13 x 4 = S$52)
Dinner at the night market = S$15
Hotel at Sun Moon Lake = S$150
Day 5

Go back to Taipei City 
Visit Taipei Zoo
Fly back to Singapore

Bus ticket back to Taichung = S$40
HSR from Taichung to Taipei = S$120
Transport to Taipei Zoo and back to Taipei central (by Metro) = (S$1 x 4) x 2 = S$8
Taipei central to airport = S$90

Taiwan with Kids: Affordable and Fun

Total cost for to visit Taiwan with kids = about S$2,370 for four.

Divide that by four and it’s less than S$600 per person to travel, making Taiwan an affordable destination for the whole family!

Are you packing your bags already? 


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