Swimfast – Nurturing Singapore's Next Gen Champion Swimmers

Swimfast – Nurturing Singapore's Next Gen Champion Swimmers

Do you want your child to be the next champion swimmer? Swimfast Aquatic Group offers your child the opportunity to hone his talent under the watchful eyes of world-class coaches.

Swim lessons

Swimming is more than just a fun thing to do; it is an essential life skill and a character building competitive sport.

Splashing about aimlessly in a swimming pool is almost everybody’s idea of heaven.

But swimming is much more than just a fun thing to do. It is a life skill and a serious sport to partake. Swimming is also the key to a healthier and more balanced life. Parents should consider introducing swimming early on in a child’s life. Here is why:

An essential life skill

Most children try and push their own limits, and can put themselves in harm’s way in a pool. Whenever kids play near water or get into the pool unaccompanied, there is always a danger of drowning. If your child knows how to swim, this danger is mitigated significantly. Talking about how he began swimming lessons, David Lim, Managing Director Swimfast Aquatic Group says, “Learning swimming was a life skill. It was a wish from my dad especially, for all his children to be able to swim. This was because he himself had a near drowning incident when he was younger.”

A total body workout

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, as it engages everything from the core, to legs, to the arms. As your kids kick their way through water, they simultaneously work several of their muscles – including triceps, biceps, abdominals and hamstrings. While splashing around in the pool, the kids don’t even realize it and end up having a great exercise session, which involves stretching and toning. Swimming also helps strengthen the lungs and the heart.


Being a champion swimmer requires concentration, alertness and mental toughness.

Focuses the mind

Not only does swimming make you physically stronger, it also contributes to the mental well being of your child. Studies have shown that swimming can improve a child’s mood and help in reducing anxiety. While swimming, your child will have no choice but to be alert and concentrate on what he is doing – thus helping build on his ability to focus.

And if your child has the talent and discipline he could participate in competitive swimming, which requires mental toughness. Being a competitive athlete takes a lot of self-motivation and self-discipline. Says Coach David, “Being in a competitive sport helped nurture me from a very young age. There are other aspects like goal setting and being mentally strong, together with motivation and discipline. These were all positively transferred to my daily life throughout my teenage years and onwards.”

How can you help your child become a competitive swimmer. Read on to find out…


David Lim, Managing Director of Swimfast Aquatic Group advises parents not to push their children too hard till they are not at a certain proficiency level

Don’t push too hard

While we as parents may aspire for our child to become Singapore’s next swimming champion, we should not push him/her so hard that he/she feels overwhelmed by the pressure and quickly loses interest in the sport.

Coach David advises, “I don’t think any kid dislikes playing by the pool. The parents just have to not be too pushy in getting results when the kids are young and let them enjoy the sessions with the coaches, other children and have lots of fun. Later in the years, the kids will naturally be drawn back to the fun at the pool. It’s only when the kids are more proficient in their swimming can the parents start talking to them about taking the swimming into another level.”


Children follow a structured programme at Swimfast

Start early, start right

Swimming is primarily about technique and it is absolutely essential for children to have the right fundamentals. It is therefore important to pick the right swim school and coach at an early age. Doing so, will help you avoid having to get your child to “un-learn” incorrect techniques and habits.

Swimfast Aquatic Group places huge emphasis on technique and this has two positive effects: firstly, it enables your child to effectively be water-safe as the wrong techniques may mean not having the buoyancy required; and secondly, it builds a strong foundation to further any interest in competitive swimming.

Under David Lim’s direction, Swimfast provides young kids personalised training on the proper fundamentals of swimming. They have a structured learning path which takes your child from learning the basics to grooming him to be a competitive swimmer.

Elite swimmers who have been groomed through Swimfast include: Joseph Schooling, Tao Li, Quah Ting Wen, Quah Zheng Wen, and Amanda Lim. These swimmers recently represented Singapore in the SEA Games and won numerous gold medals.

So, parents, start with the right swim school now!

Swimfast provides both Competitive training and Learn-to-Swim programs.

Call 6472 4288 for enquiries or visit the Swimfast Aquatic Group website for more information.

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