Sweet young boy takes his divorced mum out on a date using his own savings

Sweet young boy takes his divorced mum out on a date using his own savings

With a jar of pennies and a heart full of love, 4-year-old Max managed to make his mom's Valentine's day truly special

Recently divorced mum Emma Schofield, 32, of Devon, England was secretly dreading Valentine’s day but when the 14th of February came, she realised in the sweetest way that her worries were completely unfounded.

Her four-year-old son Max, wanting to make her special, gave her a Valentine’s day card with a teddy bear in a gift bag as they were grocery shopping; he then asked if he could take her out dinner.

So the adorable mother-son pair got a table at Pizza Express and had a nice dinner. “We had this wonderful meal and Max’s manners were impeccable. He was ordering things and being so polite,” Emma told Yahoo.

When they were about to pay the check, little Max whipped out a jar containing his entire savings in pennies.

The restaurant staff were deeply touched when they found out about the young boy’s kind gesture and so they offered to cover the bill in full.

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“At the end, I think because he knows that mummy doesn’t have many pennies at the moment, he offered to pay for it with the pocket money he has saved,” adds the proud mom. “When we went to pay, with my debit card slipped inside his wallet, the waitress came over with tears in her eyes and then I started crying, She said, ‘We’ve got the bill because of what your son has done today.’ We were blubbering messes.”

The single mum said that her son’s thoughtfulness left her “crying with happiness”.

The restaurant’s manager, Julie Clifford, told Yahoo, “I’m absolutely delighted that we were able to help Max treat his mum on Valentine’s Day. He clearly wanted to create a special moment for her and I’m only too glad that we could assist.”

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photo: Yahoo

But Max’s sweet gestures didn’t end there. When they got home, Emma was overjoyed to find a heart-shaped box of chocolate on the doorstep waiting for her.

“All of this Valentine’s Day stuff is so in your face and my husband and I split up a few months ago,” Emma told; she was married to Max’s dad for six-and-a-half years.

Turns out Max had been planning it all along because a few days prior to Valentine’s day, he had asked his mum if she had a boyfriend and if he was taking her out. To which Emma answered that she didn’t have one.

“He must have picked up on it because he asked me if he could take me out for dinner.”

“He could tell he made me happy,” marveled Emma. “It was the most beautiful day ever. It was wonderful.”

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