Sweet and sticky plums recipe for babies

Sweet and sticky plums recipe for babies

Here's a recipe from a full time mother who could not find what she wanted in conventional cookbooks, so she started creating her own recipes, sometimes with exotic spices.

Plums are a great food for babies and because they are high in fibre, help greatly with digestion as babies start solids. The smell of the warm spices in this plums recipe for babies is just heavenly! Suitable for babies from six months onwards.

Sweet and sticky plums recipe for babies

 For 2 portions:

3 plums

1 stick of clove

1 cinnamon stick

2-3 whole black peppers

1 star anise

1/2 cup water

Cooking instructions:

1. In a small pan, add 3 halved and destoned plums, then add one clove, one cinnamon stick, 2-3 whole black peppers and one star anise.

2. Add half a cup of water and simmer on medium for 12 mins.

3. Once it is thick and sticky in consistency then remove from the stove. Once cooled, remove the whole spices and the skin of the plum.

4. The plums should be very mushy in consistency so you may decide not to blend and serve it to your baby straight away.  If you want to blend, add two tablespoons of water. This tastes very good with baby rice first thing in the morning.

Recipe by Kim Wilshaw

This mummy started creating her own recipes after she started weaning her children. It all came about after becoming a full time mum. She was unable to find any cookbooks that used spices. With an Indian background, she wanted her children to understand spices from the beginning but also appreciate all other world cuisines. Check out her blog at www.feedingindianbaby.blogspot.com

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