The Little-Known Relationship Between Sweat Sensitivity and Heat Rash

The Little-Known Relationship Between Sweat Sensitivity and Heat Rash

If you notice that your child has itchy skin when it's a hot day, or after spending some time outside, she might have sweat sensitivity and could also be suffering from heat rash -- so what can you do prevent and treat it?

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Does your child suffer from sweat sensitivity or heat rash?

Every time Emma brings her 5 year old child, Izzy, to play outdoors, she would notice that her daughter would start to get itchy skin and would vigorously scratch her forehead, neck and arms.

She would also find little red bumps appearing across her daughter’s forehead, or on other parts of her body.

“We noticed that Izzy would be fine if there’s air-con, but the minute we step outside, her skin will turn red and she will start breaking out in rashes and get itchy all over. We realised that the small bumps would also come up wherever she sweats the most, like her forehead, neck and back.”

If this sounds familiar to you, then your child just may have sweat sensitivity and also suffer from heat rash.

So what exactly causes this skin irritation and what can you do to help prevent and treat it?

Sweat aggravates sensitive skin

After participating in strenuous activities such as dancing, playing sports, or just staying outdoors under the hot sun for too long, your child will sweat to help moderate her body’s temperature.

As the sweat evaporates from her body, it will cool the surface of her skin — but sweat can also be the main culprit to your child’s skin irritations.

Chemistry Expert, Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. explains that sweat (or perspiration) is mainly made up of water, urea, lactate, minerals (such as sodium) and trace metals — and according to the National Eczema Asociation, the sodium found in sweat can dehydrate your little one’s skin and cause stinging or skin irritations.

Heat rash commonly affects children

Living in hot tropical weather can take a toll on your child’s skin as the humidity will cause her sweat glands to work overtime and in turn make her skin very dry.

You might notice tiny red or clear spots on different parts of your child’s body (usually on the back and bottom), which can be itchy, stinging or feel “prickly”, and the skin might turn red.

This is miliaria, otherwise known as heat rash or prickly heat, which is caused by a blockage of sweat ducts.

Dr Mark Koh Jean Aan, Head and Consultant, Paediatric Dermatology Service, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) explains that if sweat does not evaporate and remains trapped beneath the skin, this can cause inflammation and rashes to appear.

It can also be caused by excessive sweating, wearing thick clothes, or the usage of heavy creams that block the sweat ducts.

Although heat rash can affect anyone, it is more common in children and babies due to their immature sweat glands.

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Curel Moisturising Gel Lotion is gentle enough for babies six months and up

How can you prevent and treat it?

In this hot climate, it is important to let your child stay cool either by staying indoors and use a fan or air-conditioner to help circulate the air.

If you are outdoors then try to seek shade, keep out of direct sunlight and make sure your little one wears a wide-brimmed hat and loose, light-weight clothing.

Dr Koh also recommends to parents that a light moisturiser cream that is applied after a bath can protect your little one’s skin and help in the maturation of the skin barrier.

Although there are many products in the sensitive skincare market that are designed especially for dry, sensitive skin and itch relief — Curel Moisture Body Gel Lotion is the first that claims to resolve sweat-irritated sensitive skin.

Its hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin is suitable for babies from six months old and is:

  • Colorant-free
  • Fragrance free
  • Allergy-tested
  • pH closest to skin

Curel Moisture Body Gel Lotion has a special sweat care formula that protects skin from sweat and heat rash, and also features a ceramide functioning ingredient to repair the skin’s natural barrier.

It is is a refreshing, watery light gel that has a non-sticky texture which can be absorbed quickly into the skin and can be used on the whole body, including the face.

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Agnes, 2 years old: Before and after using Curel Moisture Gel Lotion

After using Curel Moisture Gel Lotion on her two year old daughter for just 14 days, Tiffany noticed that the redness on her child’s skin was visibly reduced, and it had also become smoother.

“I like the gentleness and light texture. It doesn’t leave a sticky feeling and absorbs fast”, she says.

This moisturising lotion is suitable for use in Singapore’s hot and humid weather as it is a light and non-sticky gel and should help to keep you and your little one’s skin irritations at bay.

So use Curel Moisture Gel Lotion and let your child enjoy her favourite activities and spend time outdoors without the worries of sweat sensitivities or heat rash!

Redeem a free sample of Curel Moisture Gel Lotion to protect you and your child’s skin against sweat sensitivity today

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