This newborn and his dad pulled off the sweetest surprise proposal!

This newborn and his dad pulled off the sweetest surprise proposal!

This dad planned out a surprise proposal mum never saw coming... with the help of his newborn son! Our hearts are melting!

Mums, you probably remember two moments as the happiest in your married life. The moment your husband got down on one knee with the ring, and the instant you first held your newborn in your arms. But in possibly the most stunning proposal ever, this Nebraska mum got to experience both at once! 

After giving birth to her new little boy via C-section, Susan Medina handed baby Ryder over to the nurses for a “check up”. Imagine her surprise when her newborn came back wearing a personalized onesie that said, “Mommy, will you marry my Daddy?”

This newborn and his dad pulled off the sweetest surprise proposal!

(Image Credit: POPSUGAR, Susan Medina)

Proud dad Darick Mead was waiting by her bed with a cushion-cut engagement ring. According to POPSUGAR, the couple had been together for two years. Darick had always joked that he didn’t want to get married for 40 years… an amazing feat of fidelity! In truth, however, this loving dad couldn’t wait that long to make his vows.

So a month before Ryder’s due date, Darick bought an engagement ring and got the hospital in on his plan. Together with their newborn accomplice, they pulled the surprise proposal off perfectly. “I didn’t expect that at all. I thought I was going to be changing the baby’s diaper, looked up, and everyone had their phones out, so I was confused,” Susan told POPSUGAR. “But I was super, super happy!”

Awww… just hours old, little Ryder was already in cahoots with his dad to make his mum smile! We bet he’ll be a pint-sized rascal in the years to come. Congratulations and best wishes to the Mead-Medina family!


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