Support group for parents of kids with atypical hearing

Support group for parents of kids with atypical hearing

Some kids just don’t seem to listen no matter how much we scream at them to put the toys away or to do their homework. However some kids, can’t hear, even thought they would much like to. These are kids who are deaf or otherwise known as kids who are “Hard-of-Hearing” who now have a support group for themselves and their parents to gain motivation from.


Children with hearing problem

For parents with kids born with hearing loss, there is now a support group in Singapore called “Little Hands, Big Voices”. The support group operates via a website and serves to provide useful resources to parents with kids who are hard-of-hearing. It is also an avenue for other parents to contribute their experiences and resources.

The support group  was initiated by Alana Triscott, who was inspired to start and grow a support group after learning that her son may have hearing loss.   Driven by passion and a need to help others, Alana hopes to bring awareness for this initiative and also to raise awareness for kids with hearing loss in Singapore. “Little Hands, Big Voices” holds regular “Parent and Kids Get-Together” meet-ups and is always on the look out for new members to join them.

The next meet-up is scheduled to to be held on 9 April (Saturday), 3pm at Tanglin Road.

Alana’s Story

When her son failed a hearing test 4 months after his birth, questions arose whether her son could possibly have a hearing loss. The inspiration to start the group was triggered after she went to New York to receive further diagnosis on her child’s situation from the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Centre of New York.

There, she met other parents raising children with ‘atypical’ or ’supported’ hearing. She learned from them, and was greatly encouraged and awed by the communication skills of their children. Her experiences abroad and the need to connect locally motivated her to start a parent support group here in Singapore. (Read more of Alana’s story here)

Here is Alana’s message:

I am new to the world of raising a child with a hearing loss and the information in this website is not exhaustive. I hope that this website motivates parents and caregivers supporting children with atypical hearing (and the professionals who support them)  to contribute relevant information and experiences. The Singapore Little Hands Big Voices site and the Meet-Up will only be as good as we collectively make it.

For starters, I have chosen to focus on the availability of auditory verbal therapy resources in Singapore because this is what we have chosen for our son and because, right now, it is all I know. I would be delighted to receive information from others on alternative communication options and local support services and resources.”

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