5 best subscription boxes in Singapore

5 best subscription boxes in Singapore

Subscription boxes filled with art, craft, reading, science and learning activities are perfect for mums looking to engage with little kids, without putting in the hard work of sourcing the materials.

From arts and crafts material to book related activities, subscription boxes are becoming popular among time strapped mums, looking for convenience. These subscription boxes services send you a 'themed' kit every month, ranging from science, animal farms to festive crafts. With interesting activities that keep kids engaged, happy mail days at home, are here to stay!

Here are five educational subscription boxes in Singapore, that are delivered to your door.

#1 Junior Explorers


Learning about the universe is fun, and Junior Explorer kits help your kids develop that interest. Monthly subscription boxes for kids aged 5-12 years, Junior Explorers has activities based on themes like animals, nature and the planet.

Anurag Agarwal founded the company during his trip to Patagonia, Chile. Agarwal spoke to several educationists before designing the contents of the box. Each box is filled with collectibles, activities and cool facts about our eco-system. Kia and Kyle are the two characters that are used to educate kids about the world.

The company offers mums the option of monthly, three monthly, six monthly subscriptions. Once you are a member, you get a secret code, which allows you to participate in an online mission.



#2 Spurbox

spurbox sensoria

If you are looking for creative crafts to engage your kids for an afternoon, Spurbox is the way to go. Designed for kids aged 2 to 9, Spurbox arrives at your doorstep every month with a box full of activities. From sensory, tactile and reading activities, these themed-based crafts make learning fun!

You can order Spurbox according to the age of the child. So the box for babies, is filled with sensorial activities like clay and fake snow! The older lot (2 and 3 year olds) focus on more serious stuff like learning the letters, and improving fine motor skills like the pincer grasp. If you have a 4 year old, his Spurbox will come with early writing activities.

A great box for time-strapped mamas who do not have the time to source supplies.



#3 Lollibox


Designed for crafty kids ages 3 to 7, Lollibox is packed with 2-3 projects based on a different theme each month. So for example, if you receive the Vroom Vroom theme, kids get to design their own car fridge magnet, build their own racetrack and learn about road signs. If you do a monthly subscription, you also get 3M scissors and glue as part of the package.

The Lollibox is a great way for moms to engage with their little ones through fun craft activities. Once the kid completes the task, he receives an award badge acknowledging his efforts.



#4 Panda Pack


If you wish to sit down with your kid, have fun and learn together without the hassle of shopping for materials, then Panda Pack is ideal.

Based on fun themes (farm animals, underwater, space, bugs and butterflies). Panda Pack activities focus on creativity, discovery, exploration and communication.

The team at Panda Pack makes sure the box is packed with high-quality materials, and well thought out project ideas.



#5 Totbox


Totbox is ideal for creative mamas looking to engage their little ones through reading, art and craft. Mamas will be happy to know that Totbox comes with a book every month, and all the craft activities revolve around the book.

Nicole Gan, founder of Totbox says, “Totbox is different from others in the level of customization it gives its parent clientele.” Once a parent signs up her kid, Totbox calls them up to learn more about the child. This ensures that the activities in each box are customized to a child’s skill level and development.

Gan is looking to distribute Totbox’s through school to reach out to a larger audience. Mums watch out!

Do you know of any other interesting subscription box activities for kids in Singapore?

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Preeti Khicha

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