NLB eBooks: 16 Beautiful and Inspiring Stories For Kids Aged 1 to 7

NLB eBooks: 16 Beautiful and Inspiring Stories For Kids Aged 1 to 7

Captivating and interactive stories your little ones can't get enough of! Read them for free via the NLB mobile app.

As the renowned author, Dr. Seuss once said: “Reading can take you places you have never been before.” 

Within those pages, lies a world of adventure where monsters and superheroes coexist; where you can be who you want to be; as well as take away valuable lessons from the characters.

Parents, if you are seeking for such shared experiences together with your little one, here are some recommended stories to read online for kids—specifically from 1 to 7 years of age.

Stories to Read Online for Kids: Recommended for Age 1-7

The list (not exhaustive) covers a wide range of genres and topics, including both non-fiction and fiction recommendations. You can borrow these eReads via the NLB mobile app.

Alternatively, you can read them via the Libby App for greater ease.

1-3 year olds

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

24 Kids Books Recommended for Newborn to Age 8 Years and Up

Author: Eric Carle

Summary: This modern classic was originally published in 1994. Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar takes children on a fun ride and lets them watch as the very hungry caterpillar literally eats his way through the pages of this beautifully illustrated book.

Why it’s great: 

  • Teaches an important lesson of perseverance to emerge stronger
  • Helps toddlers learn numbers and the dates of the week

Food for thought: Create your very own caterpillar with recycled materials at home (toilet rolls, crunched up newspapers) and extending its length as you move along the story.

Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?


Author:Bill Martin Jr., Eric Carle

Summary: Ten years ago, the creators of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? reunited to address the important topic of animal conservation. The result, Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?, became an instant classic.

A Bald Eagle soars, a Spider Monkey swings, a Macaroni Penguin struts, and a Red Wolf sneaks through Bill Martin Jr’s rhythmic text and Eric Carle’s vibrant images, and all are watched over by our best hope for the future—a dreaming child.

Why it’s great: 

  • Teaches children about animal conservation through appealing illustrations
  • Use of repetition will have kids reading along and acting out the animals from the pages

Food for thought: Role play with little ones for a more immersive experience

Go, Dog. Go!

NLB eBooks: 16 Beautiful and Inspiring Stories For Kids Aged 1 to 7

Author: P.D. Eastman

Summary: Who knew dogs were so busy? Whether by foot, boat, car, or unicycle, P. D. Eastman’s lovable dogs demonstrate the many ways one can travel in this condensed, board-book version perfect for babies and toddlers. 

Why it’s great: 

  • Children can learn about their world on a wider scope (e.g. opposites such as the difference between up and down, day and night, stop and go, and colours that are not presented in the usual way)
  • Plenty of colourful illustrations and easy vocabulary for little ones

Food for thought It is a relatively fast-paced story that seeks to ask bold questions about how things are related to one another. Parents can leverage on this to spark more thought.

3 to 5 year olds


stories to read online for kids

Author: Jorey Hurley

Summary: With just one word on each page and the vivid illustrations Jorey Hurley is known for, Beehive showcases the cycle of bees making honey. There is a detailed description at the end of the book that further explains this fascinating natural process.

Why it’s great: 

  • A great children’s read-aloud – the entire book consists of only fifteen words. 
  • Perfect introduction to the life of bees for the youngest of readers.

Food for thought: Spend a little more time on each word, perhaps branch out into further ideas or related words to create a mind map.

The Box Turtle

NLB eBooks: 16 Beautiful and Inspiring Stories For Kids Aged 1 to 7

Author: Vanessa Roeder

Summary: Terrance the turtle was born without a shell, so he uses a cardboard box instead. Terrance loves his box. It keeps him dry on soggy days, safe from snooping strangers, and is big enough to cozy up with a friend. But when another turtle points out that Terrance’s shell is, well, weird, he begins to wonder whether there might be a better shell out there…

Eventually, and through much trial and error, Terrance learns that there’s nothing wrong with being different—especially when it comes to being yourself. 

Why it’s great: 

  • Offers strong message about the power of friendship and working with what one has
  • Helps children learn the value of perseverance—even when others are mean
  • Teaches self-acceptance

Food for thought: Children can take this opportunity for self-reflection and note down things they are grateful for.

Carl and the Meaning of Life

stories to read online for kids

Author: Deborah Freedman

Summary: Carl moves through life as an earthworm—no pun intended—living his days happily while tunneling in the soil.

It is only when a field mouse asks him “why”, does Carl question his purpose and goes on a quest to seek the answer. He finds that every animal in the forest is seemingly clear of what exactly they were meant to do. As the world changes, he eventually realises that everyone—no matter how small—makes a big difference just by being themselves.

Why it’s great: 

  • Teaches self awareness
  • Interconnectivity between people or animals, in this case

Food for thought: There are certain things that children do just because their parents or teacher have asked, but do they exactly know how these things are related? It helps for parents to explain when giving out certain tasks.

Butterflies on the First Day of School

stories to read online for kids

One of the most relatable stories to read online for kids, and a universal experience for those feeling nervous for school.

Author: Annie Silvestro

Summary: Meet Rosie, a brand-new student who can’t wait to start kindergarten: she’s had her pencils sharpened and her backpack ready for weeks. That’s until she starts feeling nervous the night before. Like every young child, entering the first day of school can be an exciting, yet nerve-wracking experience. Rosie’s mum assures her that it’s just butterflies in her stomach, and she’ll feel better soon.

Watch how it unfolds as Rosie releases these “butterflies” as the day goes on—she even helps another shy student let go of hers, too.

Why it’s great: 

  • It helps kids who are worried or nervous about any situation better express their emotions
  • A gentle and positive introduction to a school day

Food for thought: While reading the story, parent and child can have fun counting each butterfly that floats off when something positive happens on Rosie’s first day of school.

4 to 6 year olds

When Sadness Is at Your Door

stories to read online for kids

Author: Eva Eland

Summary: In this picture book, Eva Eland brilliantly approaches this feeling as if it is a visitor. Instead of encouraging the reader to “get over” sadness and labelling it as something “bad”, the book places respect for this feeling that humans have—making the narrative even more beautiful. 

Why it’s great: 

  • It helps kids and adults alike to navigate through these sometimes unfamiliar feelings without inducing anxiety-producing notions
  • Helps reader develop mindfulness and emotional literacy

Food for thought: This also applies to other forms of emotions like anger, where it is not healthy to suppress them. Parents can take this opportunity to help kids better manage their emotions.

Drawn Together

NLB eBooks: 16 Beautiful and Inspiring Stories For Kids Aged 1 to 7

Stories to read online for kids: love knows no bounds.

Author: Minh Lê

Summary: When a young boy visits his grandfather, their lack of a common language leads to confusion, frustration, and silence. But as they sit down to draw together, something magical happens—with a shared love of art and storytelling, the two form a bond that goes beyond words.

Why it’s great: 

  • It teaches that it is possible to find common ground despite age and culture barriers
  • Told using few words and lots of pictures, great for further discussion through different interpretations
  • Teaches the value of art as a communication platform

Food for thought: There are times when we feel a communication breakdown, whether during an argument or the ability to understand one another. But this story has showed that there are ways to express oneself—and in the form of art here.

The Goose Egg

NLB eBooks: 16 Beautiful and Inspiring Stories For Kids Aged 1 to 7

Author: Liz Wong

Summary: Henrietta likes her quiet life. But life takes a turn when she bumps her head and winds up with a goose egg. It’s up to Henrietta to raise the baby goose, now that the little one’s flock has flown. Except, Goose isn’t anything like Henrietta: she’s flappy, and noisy, and exhausting.

But Henrietta raises that goose right, teaching her to swim, to honk, and to fly. When Goose flies off with the other geese, Henrietta is so proud! And then … lonely. But the love you give has a way of coming back to you. And Henrietta has a wonderful surprise in store…

Why it’s great: 

  • Teaches responsibility to children
  • It shows kids to never forget their roots, and where they come from

Food for thought: Despite parents’ efforts in raising a child, things might sometimes not work out according to plan. But it is about the shared journey and experience.

My Heart

stories to read online for kids

Stories to read online for kids: read about the strength of a human heart and its power to love through this powerful visual.

Author: Corinna Luyken

Summary: My heart is a window. My heart is a slide. My heart can be closed…or opened up wide. Some days your heart is a puddle or a fence to keep the world out. But some days it is wide open to the love that surrounds you. With lyrical text and breath-taking art, My Heart empowers all readers to listen to the guide within in this ode to love and self-acceptance.

Why it’s great: 

  • Helps children learn about self-awareness and acceptance
  • Lets kids know that they have control over their own heart and emotions

Food for thought: how your kids can learn the strength of a human heart and its power to love.


stories to read online for kids

Stories to read online for kids: there’s such a thing as a beautiful imperfection.

Author: Max Amato

Summary: In this funny and light-hearted picture book, a fussy eraser tries to keep the pages clean by erasing the scribbles of a mischievous pencil. But before long, the eraser discovers what can happen when two opposing forces come together to have fun. With humour and a keen eye for play, Max Amato crafts a delightful story that reveals the joys of collaborative imagination.

Why it’s great: 

  • Teaches our young ones that imperfections can also be beautiful
  • Help kids learn the power of teamwork and creativity

Food for thought: not all kinds of messes are unsolvable, such as the mistakes we might make. There are ways to make amends.

7-year-old and above

The Wild Robot

stories to read online for kids

Author: Peter Brown

Summary: With no idea how she has landed in a remote and wild island, and separated from other destroyed robots, Robot Roz has to adapt to survive in this environment, while learning from its hostile animal inhabitants.

It is only when she adopts an orphaned gosling that real connections start to form between them. Her mysterious past also returns to haunt her.

Why it’s great: 

  • Teaches one the importance of kindness and friendships
  • Themes of family
  • Powerful illustrations and short chapters

Note: younger children might be sensitive to the animal deaths that do occur, but this story teaches responsibility while sharing the beauty of nature and its natural order.

Grandfather Gandhi

NLB eBooks: 16 Beautiful and Inspiring Stories For Kids Aged 1 to 7

Author: Arun Gandhi

Summary: Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson tells the story of how his grandfather taught him to turn darkness into light in this uniquely personal and vibrantly illustrated tale that carries a message of peace.

Why it’s great: 

  • A good read for children dealing with anger and other difficult feelings, teaches value of self-control
  • Sends message of self acceptance and empowerment

Food for thought: validating the anger and frustration of a child, while helping him/her cope with it can go a long way.

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus

stories to read online for kids

Stories to read online for kids: this book is all about facing your worst fears, and the belief in oneself to overcome all odds.

Author: Dusti Bowling

Summary: Born without arms, Aven Green often comes up with creative reasons why she doesn’t have them: through alligator wrestling match, or a wildfire in Tanzania. When she moves to a new place with her parents—who will work at Stagecoach Pass, a rundown western theme park in Arizona—she knows she will have to face this reality again, and again.

She meets Connor, a classmate with a similar plight and they chance upon a mysterious room with bigger secrets imaginable. It’s hard to solve a mystery, help a friend, and face your worst fears. But Aven’s about to discover she can do it all . . . even without arms.

Why it’s great: 

  • Instills confidence in young children that they are stronger and more capable than they think
  • Teach young kids to never let tough situations define them (in this case, a disability)
  • Learning how to be self-sufficient

Food for thought: the theme lies in acceptance and understanding, and hopefully it helps young children be more empathetic towards themselves and others around them

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

NLB eBooks: 16 Beautiful and Inspiring Stories For Kids Aged 1 to 7

Author: Roald Dahl

Summary: Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the classic tale of the wildly famous (and famously wild) chocolate factory and the five lucky children who were given a tour of the factory by the enigmatic and strange Willy Wonka.

Why it’s great: 

  • Teaches patience – and that good things are worth waiting for
  • Learning importance of honesty

S0urce: NLB

The book covers are the copyright of the respective publishing companies.


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NLB eBooks: 16 Beautiful and Inspiring Stories For Kids Aged 1 to 7

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