Baby, stop crying please...

Baby, stop crying please...

Stop crying! Please stop crying...Unfortunately your baby cannot understand you. To fix this situation-- you will have to understand your baby's cries. Read up on 12 tried-n-true methods.

Stop crying

Baby, stop crying please…

Babies cry. That’s a fact. Mums often feel helpless when it comes to settling baby’s cries. That’s also a fact. Never fear, however, because the following are all tried-n-true methods that have been used by actual mothers on actual babies. Here’s hoping at least one of them works for you!

Make your baby stop crying…

  1. Make sure their crying isn’t the result of pain or discomfort that needs immediate attention, i.e., messy diapers, hunger, fever or injury.
  2. Take deep, slow breaths while holding your baby close to you (ear plugs are optional). The feeling of security is often all it takes to stop the cries of a fussy baby.
  3. Make eye contact with your baby and don’t look away. Make sure you’re smiling, though, so you don’t completely creep them out.
  4. Put on some happy, quick-paced music. Children’s tunes or some good ole’ rock-n-roll usually does the trick when it comes to turning a crying baby into a cooing happy baby.
  5. Sing to your baby. Soft, soothing songs generally work best for newborns to 3 or 4 month olds, while happier tunes tend to capture the attention of older infants.
  6. Snuggle your baby. Their cries are a sign of distress-– that they are in need of comfort.
  7. Dance with your baby. The rhythmic motion is soothing and relaxing.
  8. Distract your baby by making animal sounds. Even if  they are not yet old enough to imitate the sounds you make, a baby’s fascination with sounds is enough to silence the crying.
  9. Distract your older infant by asking them where their eyes, nose, mouth, etc. are located.
  10. Rock your baby and hold them close.
  11. Put your baby in a warm, soapy bath and let them splash around for a few minutes. Who can resist a warm bubble bath?
  12. Plunk your baby in the stroller or car seat and go! The sights, sounds and motion will make crying a thing of the past.

NOTE: None of the above includes ‘mum tears’. That’s right, mum. Your baby is gonna take their cue from you.

 With these tips we hope your baby will stop crying…


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Written by

Darla Noble

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