Midwife miraculously brings stillborn baby back to life

Midwife miraculously brings stillborn baby back to life

Medical Professionals are the line between death and the miracle that is life. This is the miraculous story of how one midwife won against death.

Medical professionals are bound by oath to always put their patients' health first. But sometimes, we hear about those who go that extra mile for their patients --- such as one midwife who was determined to save the life of a tiny, lifeless newborn baby. Captured on a now viral video, this midwife skillfully uses her resuscitation skills until the stillborn baby comes back to life. 

The video begins with a midwife holding what appears to be a lifeless baby. The baby, whose umbilical cord has not yet been cut, looks like a lifeless rubber doll when the midwife initiates CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  

Our hearts were racing as we watched the newborn buckling under the pressure of CPR, being flipped over and being given rescue breaths. 

Stillborn Baby Comes Back to Life

Here’s the video that shows the midwife who was able to resuscitate the irresponsive baby:

This video has been shared over 10,000 times, and has garnered 1,000,000 views. Almost all the comments praised the midwife’s resuscitation abilities to ensure that the stillborn baby came back to life

How to Perform Baby CPR 

Parents, do you know how to perform CPR on your baby, should the need ever arise? It's always good to be prepared for an emergency, especially when it involves children. 

This is what you need to do: 

  1. Call 995 first. If you are alone, give the baby one minute of rescue breaths.
  2. Tip the head backwards - this opens the airway. Then, raise the baby’s chin. Don't push on the soft tissues under the chin as this may block the airway. 
  3. Cover your mouth tightly over the nose and mouth, sealing them. Then, give 5 breaths into the baby. The chest should rise. 
  4. Lay the baby on a flat surface, and then push 4cm deep against the area below the breastbone with your index and middle finger. Continue chest compressions for at least 30 times. 
  5. If the baby still isn't conscious, repeat steps 3 twice and step 4. Stop when you see movement, coughing or normal breathing.

Stillborn Baby Comes Back to Life: Life Lessons

The midwife from the video has taught us some important lessons:

  • to always persevere and NEVER give up hope in the midst of difficulty 
  • always consult a medical professional if in doubt of certain conditions. Do NOT self-medicate unless you know what you're doing. 
  • cherish life and the people around you because it is fragile.

A BIG Salute to this unnamed midwife! We also salute all the medical personnel who deal with the challenge of a mother giving birth.

stillborn baby comes back to life A big RESPECT to the medical professionals who make modern miracles come true!

We at theAsianParent hope that this incredible video can serve as an inspiration. We also hope all doctors, midwives and medical personnel will continue saving patients with a similar unyielding attitude.

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References: Red Cross UK, NHS UK, Pregnant Women are Beautiful

Republished with permission by theAsianParent Indonesia. Translated by Kevin Wijaya Oey.

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