Stay in touch with your loved ones the easy and cost-effective way!

Stay in touch with your loved ones the easy and cost-effective way!

Find out how by reading this article...

As parents, we are constantly looking for ways to stay in touch with our children and make sure they are safe. But how do we actually do this?

“It’s as simple as giving them a mobile phone,” you might say in reply.

While it is quite easy to provide kids with a mobile phone of their own these days, it can be quite a costly process.

For one, you have to purchase a separate package for your child’s phone. Then there’s the additional cost of phone calls, text messages, data services, etc.

When you add up all these costs, you may start to think that giving your child their own phone is not such a good idea after all, right?

Well, think again because…

Singtel has the answer!

Singtel, Asia’s leading communications group, has the solution for parents looking for an effective way of keeping in touch with their loved ones.

This solution is not just useful in terms of staying ‘close’ to the ones you love… it’s also cost-effective, as you will learn below.


Knowing that they are able to connect with their kids instantly and in a hassle-free manner will bring peace of mind to many parents.

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Singtel’s MobileShare Supplementary Plan is a SIM-only service that lets mobile and mobile broadband subscribers share their “bundles” (call minutes, SMS/MMS and data) with their loved ones and/or other devices.

Simply put, you can stay in touch with your kids or other people who matter to you at all times in a cost-effective and convenient way!

How is this possible?

Each MobileShare subscription comes with its own SIM Card and unique phone number. This allows the MobileShare user to call, send SMS/MMS and use data just like any other mobile subscriber.

The cost of mobile services using the MobileShare number will be deducted from the main price plan bundle, and pay-per-use charges will apply only on excess traffic.

Also, local incoming and outgoing mobile talktime, as well as SMS and MMS, will be charged to your bill, thereby eliminating the hassle of managing multiple phone bills.


With the MobileShare Plan, your loved ones are just a phone call away!

Mums and dads, what this means is that now, you can receive messages from and send messages to your child anytime, anywhere.

You can also text or make video calls to your child or loved one at all times without having to worry about running up exorbitant bills.

What’s more, if you have older children, with MobileShare, they will be able to share their call minutes, SMS/MMS and access data from multiple devices (e.g., laptop/tablet/phone).


Stay connected with Mobile Share… anytime, anywhere!

Even more benefits!

Check out some of the fantastic benefits that you will get when you sign up for MobileShare:

  • Additional 500MB of data every month
  • Each main line is allowed to sign up to 3 supplementary mobile lines (so, even if you’re a parent with 3 kids, you can stay in touch with all of them in an easy and convenient way!)
  • You can enjoy 12 months of Mobile Share* for free when you sign up for an iPhone 6 on any Singtel Combo 2 and above Mobile Plan!

So parents, if you like what you just read about MobileShare, why not head to a Singtel store close to you and speak to the friendly staff there about this plan?

* 1 year contract applies, $10.70/month applies after free 12 months promotion.

Do you use Singtel’s MobileShare Supplementary Plan? Tell us how it’s working for you by leaving a comment below. 

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