"Stay At Home": Son's Urgent Call After Elderly Dad Dies From COVID-19

"Stay At Home": Son's Urgent Call After Elderly Dad Dies From COVID-19

"R.I.P Dad. We love you and we will miss you everyday. Forever in our hearts."

Emphasised time and again in news and media outlets, well-meaning words of advice by health professionals, fellow friends, loved ones and more, the message is clear: stay at home.

“People need to understand that a few weeks of staying at home is not going to kill you, that this is not about YOU, it’s about protecting other people’s lives, especially the elderly,” wrote Robert Cheung in a Facebook post (1 Apr), after his 67-year-old father’s passing from contracting COVID-19 just a few days ago.

This was despite Cheung’s dad having “no prior health condition” and was healthy enough to be “playing golf 2 weeks ago”.

Emphasising the impact of COVID-19, Cheung who is from London but based in Beijing explained: “This Virus is REAL, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not deadly. My dad was one of the unlucky ones.” 

Robert Cheung on the right, and family. | Photo: Robert Cheung / Facebook

He was getting ‘better’

The family was kept updated of their dad’s condition daily through phone call after he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for 10 days and given oxygen support.  

During those times, they were told that their dad was “critically stable”. The doctor even said that their dad was getting ‘better’. So it came as a shock for all when a phone call came to inform the family of his demise.  

“Worst part was we couldn’t even see him, say any last words nor give him a proper send off due to the Covid protocols,” lamented Cheung. 

“A wake up call” to stay at home

In detailing his experience, Cheung said that he is “not looking for condolences or sympathy”. He simply wants to drive the message of staying at home. 

“The spread is rapidly increasing (we still haven’t peaked yet), there won’t be any beds left soon and people will die in their homes. The only way to stop this is to STAY AT HOME,” Cheung further emphasises. He hopes that this incident “serves as a wake up call” to his family and friends—and for the good of everyone.

And above all else, Cheung emphasised the importance of family. He said that there are many things he wishes to tell his dad, but have now lost the opportunity to do so.

“He leaves behind his partner, his 4 children and his 4 grandchildren,” wrote Cheung. | Photo: Robert Cheung / Facebook

Call your parents

“Don’t leave anything unsaid, call your parents, hug them (if you live with them), don’t hold grudges, sort out your problems together,” he advises. “Don’t lose them before it’s too late.” 

Towards the end of his post, Cheung thanked his family and close friends who have supported them thus far, as well as expressed his love and longing for his deceased dad. 

“R.I.P Dad. We love you and we will miss you everyday. Forever in our hearts.”

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