Singapore Sports School unveils elite programme

Singapore Sports School unveils elite programme

The Singapore Sports School has announced a new elite programme that aims to break its student-athletes into the top-100 world rankings, in as soon as four years' time.


Singapore Sports schools elite program

Eighteen selected student-athletes will pilot the “School Within a School” programme, in the Singapore sports school for badminton, table tennis and golf.

Its training structure will resemble that used by countries advanced in the three sports.

The programme will feature daytime training sessions and night-time academic classes.

The daytime training schedule will allow students to train with their respective national teams.

It is the first Singapore Sports School initiative funded by the S$35-million EW Barker Endowment from the Temasek Education Foundation.

Singapore Sports School principal Deborah Tan said the school is a pipeline for the Singapore national team, especially for badminton and table tennis, but it has yet to produce players who can achieve significant breakthroughs on the international stage.

“This ‘School Within a School’ programme seeks to narrow that gap between local and international standards, and making sure that their outcomes both in academic studies as well as sports, will be achieved,” Mrs Tan said.

“In terms of numbers, as long as there’re talented student-athletes ready to come into this programme, we’ll take them in.”

Sixteen-year-old badminton player Fiona Seah said: “I prefer this training schedule; it will definitely help me improve faster”.

She added she hoped the programme can help her get into the national badminton team.

Source: CNA

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