Autism in Singapore - What Life Is Like Living Behind Glass

Autism in Singapore - What Life Is Like Living Behind Glass

Autism is on the rise - we look at the trends

When any expectant parent if asked if he/she would prefer a boy or a girl, the answer usually is, “a healthy baby”.

However, in today’s world the number, of children identified with “special needs” is seeing a steady rise. According to the Autism Association of Singapore, autism used to be considered a very rare condition, affecting only 3-4 individuals in every 10,000, however now, the prevalence rate of autism (including those within the wider 'autistic spectrum') maybe as high as 91 per 10,000.

Why has there been an increase? Is it our diet? Late birth rates? How do we help special kids adapt better to life and their surroundings, are there treatments available and what are the social impacts?

This week on theAsianparent we answer all these questions and more.


Roshni Mahtani


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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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