Sonya Davison lost all her pregnancy weight in just 3 weeks and we are #wowstruck!

Sonya Davison lost all her pregnancy weight in just 3 weeks and we are #wowstruck!

Sonya Davison says that a combination of factors led her to losing her pregnancy weight within just 3 weeks of giving birth!

We just can’t stop starting at pictures of Sonya Davison on Instagram. 

Thai-British model and television host, Sonya Davison lives in Singapore, and is married to American-born Filipino Judd Sanchez, who works in a technology company. The couple are parents to twins Tristan and Raiden, who turned 1 in April.

Sonya is extremely popular, with more than 268,000 followers on Instagram! As we click through her fabulous pictures, we can’t stop going, “Wow!” Especially when we come to know that this gorgeous mum of twins managed to lose all her pregnancy weight in just 3 weeks!

Read how, and be awestruck by her pictures…we had a hard time choosing them!

The Sonya Davison weight loss story

Sonya Davison still gets flooded with questions on how she managed to lose all that pregnancy weight so quickly (Is it just good genes?). Apparently, she had her own share of insecurities when it came to getting back into shape after delivery.

Sonya reveals on Instagram, “A year ago, I made my Husband promise to still love my body after I gave birth. During my pregnancy, I mentally prepared myself for a post-twins baby body.”

“I, (like many) thought that it wouldn’t be possible to get my body back after pregnancy (especially after seeing my ginormous twin belly). I was wrong,” she writes, adding how she realised that “a combination of factors would lead to me losing my pregnancy weight within just 3 weeks of giving birth.”

Sonya Davison

The picture on the left is her at 3 weeks postpartum! PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / SONYA SANCHEZ

A lot of you asked me – how was I able to get my body back? Sorry it’s taken so long to finally answer this. 

  • Pre-Pregnancy: I had strong core muscles before I became pregnant (from HIIT home workouts).
  • Pregnancy Weight-gain: I only gained what I needed to. You don’t literally have to “eat for 2” when you’re pregnant. I gained mostly on my tummy, so I only had to lose that extra weight, which is a whole lot easier than the whole body.
  • Staying Active: I walked A LOT while I was pregnant. Staying active while pregnant is beneficial in so many ways. I would walk for 2-3 hours every other day and this kept my metabolism up.
  • Breastfeeding: I breastfeed exclusively. When you breastfeed your stomach contracts which helps your uterus shrink quicker – times that by 2 (preemie babies that fed hourly) and you have the perfect storm.”

“Every person’s body is different but this is what worked for me. Having said that, losing the weight was just the first step.”

Sonya Davison


“I had lost a lot of my muscle tone in my tummy which meant, one meal, and it would all hang out again till the next morning. At 3 months post-partum I bought this “goals” bikini and began a simple 20 min home workout routine (HIIT) with hubby and the muscle reconstruction began!”

This yummy mummy stays fit by eating healthy and leading a very active lifestyle (daily walks, weekly hikes, swimming etc). Being a breastfeeding mum herself (and she intends to do so, until the kids turn 2), she advises that, “If you are breastfeeding, it’s important and safest to lose weight gradually by healthy eating.”

Well mums, wasn’t Sonia Davison’s story an inspiring one? We’d love to hear YOUR stories…let us know in the comments below!

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