Smoking hot celebrity mummies

Smoking hot celebrity mummies

These celebrities still remain stylish even as they balloon up in the last trimester of their pregnancies. theAsianparent looks at their styles to get some maternity inspirations.

Smoking hot celebrity mummiesBeing pregnant does not mean you can get away with wearing oversized T-shirts and sweatpants when you head out.  In fact, mummies, you should never give anyone (or even your man!) a reason to find you fuddy-duddy and boring during that 9 months of pregnancy.  We at theAsianparent celebrates moms' chic maternity style, so take a leaf out of these celebrities' pregnancy looks and step out 'belly' proud.

Go Bohemian-Chic!

Waistline may be expanding but she managed to still look casually sensational in this ensemble.  Decked in a delicately embroidered blue-and-white Emilio Pucci tunic and sky-high nude platform heels, the length (or rather lack of) of the tunic brings attention towards her gorgeous gams. Her decision to don a light and breezy tunic dress is genius.  Cotton, bohemian inspired dresses like these allow for free movement and comfort. The material will also make those annoying hot flashes more bearable.

Similarly, Jessica Alba, also adopted this style in her wardrobe.  Wearing a floral D&G frock cinched with a trendy rope belt, Alba proud shows off her baby bump along with her toned shoulders.  The tiny floral patterns hides the pregnancy weight gains while still highlighting all the right curves.

When emulating this style, look for dresses with an empire-cut waistline which stays snug under the bustline but flared out to accomodate your growing tummy.  Keep the colours and design simple for a more casual look.  More importantly, if you can't bear trotting around in sky-high heels like Kate Hudson's, look for wedge espadrilles or sling backs in soft, flowery patterns.

The Angelic Chiffon

The long, flowy chiffon is often reminiscence of a dreamlike or fairytale state.   Light and airy, the chiffon would aid you in Singapore's sweltering heat.  However, the chiffon in certain styles and cuts tend to hug the curves in all the wrong manner.  Surprisingly though, pregnant ladies who has all that baby glow and womanly curves, can pull this style off seamlessly!

Take a look at Emily Deschanel (photo: left) who wore a bright orange, Grecian-style dress to an event celebrating her hit show Bones in Beverly Hills.  She took this summer's citrus color trend and suited it to her liking.  Meanwhile, once again, Jessica Alba (photo: right) scores plus points with her nude chiffon dress which ends just below her knees.  The soft colour allo her natural baby glow to radiate even more.  She also chose to pair it with a long pink cardigan.  While the color of the cardigan complements the dress, the length allows her to hide her expanding hips and booty.

If you like this style, remember to keep the colours simple.  This season's color charts see a burst of citrus and earth tones, so do keep a lookout for those.

Smoking hot celebrity mummiesDecked in All-Blacks

And we have arrived at every pregnant mummy's favorite color: black.  The key to wearing black is to jazz it up either with the style, cut or design of the dress or embellish it with statement accessories. Pink sported a simple black v-neck dress.  Once again, she kept her waist cinch right under her bustline in order to give a more hourglass silhouette.  Instead of embellishing her dress with bling, she wore big, tribal-inspired jewelled dangling earrings which immediately glamorize the outfit.

On a more casual side, Heidi Klum chose a long black maxi dress with horizontal stripes.  Often, it is true that horizontal stripes adds pounds to the body frame, the dress she picked features a solid black panel that runs down the front of the dress.  This breaks up the stripes and gives the body a slimmer form.  So if you intend to dress in black, remember to look out for unique features like these and spice up the outfit with accessories.

The principal ideas when picking out maternity outfits remain as such:

- Decide which area you want to highlight.

- Keep the waistline high and under the bustline.

- Picking the right accesories with the right outfit.

Source & photo credit: People, Babble, DailyMail UK

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