Smile with the new SUPER COFFEE!

Smile with the new SUPER COFFEE!

An avid coffee lover? Tantalise your tastebuds by drinking Super Coffee in the morning!

Their superb range of White Coffees never fails to satisfy your palates, most suited for today’s coffee drinkers. Super Coffee delivers high quality coffee right at your own convenience. Packing the same great taste with its delightful new look, coffees will be available in major supermarkets and convenience stores, You can easily get it from S$5.20 onwards for the Super Coffee range, and S$6.20 for the Charcoal Roasted White Coffee range.

super coffee

Coffee you look forward to everyday!

Super Coffee

3-in-1 instant coffees, blended for differing palates of today’s coffee drinkers. Still retaining the same great taste that has come to be associated with its coffee range, the packaging has refreshed with a distinct and modern touch to better meet the needs of today’s sophisticated consumers. Put a smile in your cup with our carefully selected full-bodied beans, skillfully roasted with Super’s years of coffee roasting experience. Blended with sugar and non-dairy creamer to give you that well-balanced taste and robust aroma we know you love.

Now available in five tantalising favourites – Regular, Rich, Regular-Reduced Sugar, Kopi-O and their new addition – Brown Sugar. This flagship range offers great tasting coffee with an alluring aroma that seeks to satisfy even the most discerning taste palettes, with a smile after every sip.

Brown sugar coffee

Brown Sugar White Coffee

Check out the newest addition of coffee – Brown Sugar – An enticing blend of coffee with just the right touch of brown sugar, makes this an irresistible cup for coffee lovers who prefer their cup with an intense caramelic aroma. Available at all major supermarkets and convenience stores, only at S$5.60.

white coffee

Authentic taste for today’s coffee lovers

Charcoal roasted white coffee

Authentic taste for today’s coffee lovers – Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee range is inspired by the traditional coffee-shop culture in Ipoh, Malaysia in the 19th century. Super’s roasting and blending techniques, faithfully capture the aroma and buttery characteristics of this classic brew to bring back a coffee experience from yesteryears.


Hazelnut coffee

Roasted Hazelnut White Coffee



Now available in four delicious flavours – Classic, Brown Sugar, Coffee and Creamer and their new addition – Roasted Hazelnut. Indulge in its smooth, creamy and full flavoured taste while relishing in the perfect harmony of premium Robusta and Arabica freeze-dried coffee, this nostalgic coffee will bring coffee aficionados back to the goodness of time. Available at all major supermarkets and convenience stores, only at S$6.20.





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