Singaporean parents spend savvily on family holidays

Singaporean parents spend savvily on family holidays

Families are willing to spend on their annual holidays, but they do so cautiously.


Most Singaporeans are headed off the island for their summer holidays


Over 80 per cent Singaporean families are headed abroad this June holiday, according to a first time survey by theAsianparent Insights. Most mum and dads seem to make travel-related decisions jointly, and their top destinations this year are: Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

They spend, but cautiously

While the survey revealed that that over half of the parents are ready to spend a tidy sum on their June holidays – $500-$1499 per person – the survey also found that they would do so in an extremely savvy manner. Singaporean travellers are not entirely convinced by travel websites and aggregators. While 53 per cent of respondents book transportation services such as airline and bus tickets directly through company websites, only 38 per cent respondents book accommodation directly through hotel or holiday home websites.


It seems that aggregators in the accommodation sector fare better in terms of trust and reliability, with 45 per cent of travellers choosing to book through travel deal and comparison sites such as Groupon, Zuji and Agoda, and the rest booking through travel agencies.

According to Neetu Mirchandani, Regional VP of Strategy and Insights at theAsianparent Insights, “Singapore families are conscientious travellers. They’re travel savvy enough to know where to search online for the best deals that cater to the entire family. While mums and dads may be willing to spend more than $500 per family member, they’re spending wisely. Based on this study, travel service providers may want to take a closer look at their current efforts for engaging Singaporean families.”

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Singaporean parents spend savvily on family holidays

theAsianparent Insights survey reveals interesting aspects of the travel habits of Singaporean families

Connectivity tops entertainment

And what is it that most parents look for when booking their hotels? Surprisingly, the survey revealed that the top “must-have”  amenity for the Singaporean holiday-maker is free wi-fi at 76 per cent, followed by kids’ amenities at 69 per cent; complimentary breakfasts at 68 per cent; and close proximity to local attractions at 68 per cent.

Almost every Singaporean’s travel bag holds in it over-the-counter medicine for children, mosquito repellent,  bandages, antiseptic cream, and sunblock.

Erring on the side of caution

The cautiousness of the traveller is also reflected in the high demand for travel insurance. Interestingly, the survey found that over 79% of respondents will choose to purchase travel insurance of some form. For companies providing travel packages and solutions, bundling it with insurance could provide a convenient solution for travellers, who might otherwise need to purchase it separately.

While Singaporeans  may be expanding their horizons as tourists, they are still always looking for a good deal!

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