Singapore woman films women in gym changing rooms, gets jailed

Singapore woman films women in gym changing rooms, gets jailed

This Singapore woman films women in gym changing rooms, and just got jailed. Read why she committed this crime...

We normally hear of men being caught taking upskirt videos of unsuspecting victims, but this time, a woman has just been jailed in Singapore, for filming other women, in various states of undress, inside gym changing rooms!

Singaporean woman films women in gym changing rooms

According to Today, 29-year-old Heng Li Ying, a marketing executive, first signed up for a gym membership at the Suntec City Mall branch of fitness chain True Fitness.

Later on, she created an account on Sammyboy, an online forum infamous for posting and exchange of sexually explicit material and pornography. She started a discussion thread titled “Changing room peektures”, advertising videos of women taken inside changing rooms.

She had a clear business plan, because apparently, every second of footage was priced at 10-20 cents. Customers who bought these videos were even promised 'free' recordings of the women as bonus.

Interested buyers would send her messages; she would then provide her bank account details, following which they would get a link to download the videos. It has come to light that she sold these videos to at least 22 people, and earned at least $1,540 from them.

Shockingly, the victims' faces were visible in some of the recordings. Some were filmed nude, and others, with just lingerie on. They were mostly victims who had just showered and were drying themselves before getting dressed.

Gets Jailed

The crime came to light after True Fitness received complaints about videos of its members circulating online, videos which were recorded in the gym's changing rooms.

According to The Straits Times, Heng has just been sentenced to 30 weeks' jail. Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Winston Man, has been quoted by Today as saying, “As opposed to a case where ‘upskirt’ videos or photos are taken in an open setting, the victims in this case were entitled to expect a significantly greater level of privacy and security within the confines of the female changing room … The accused has subverted this expectation.” 

Safety in changing rooms

We often assume that women-only places like gym changing rooms, or changing rooms in swimming complexes are safe from the eyes of a predator, but this incident proves otherwise. It proves that perverts lurk everywhere, and it does not just have to be the men.

It is always wise to take precautions or you could end up being an 'Internet sensation' for all the wrong reasons! And we must especially be cautious when it comes to our kids. Sometimes, we spot mummies doing a quick dress change for the kids outside changing rooms in swimming complexes, in order to avoid the long queues. It is better to be safe than sorry, even if it means waiting longer.

Always examine changing rooms for suspicious objects, and look out for signs such as flickering lights, sounds and interference. 

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(Source: The Straits Times, Today)

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