Singapore Zoo's giraffe calf has been named... Jubilee!

Singapore Zoo's giraffe calf has been named... Jubilee!

Our tallest SG50 baby just got adopted by Abbot GROW (a milk formula for children) at the Singapore Zoo. And given such an apt name!

Say hello to our very own spotted beauty, Jubilee!

Singapore Zoo’s first baby giraffe in 28 years has been officially adopted by Abbott GROW® and named ‘Jubilee’ on 22 February 2016.

‘Jubilee’ was voters’ favourite choice amongst a shortlist of six names which included ‘Growfie’ (second most popular), ‘Gamba’, ‘Gao Gao’, ‘Griffin’ and ‘Max’.

The baby giraffe naming contest was held on the Abbott Strong Mums Facebook page for over five weeks from January to February, and ‘Jubilee’ turned out to be an instant favourite.


10 years ago, Abbott adopted Jubilee’s father, Growie, and just last year gave a warm welcome to the lucky baby giraffe.

The calf has been given a name that reflects that its birth coincided with the nation’s SG50 celebrations.

Ms Hui Hwa Koh-Minjoot, General Manager of Abbott Singapore said: “Ten years ago, Abbott adopted Growie the giraffe, and we are happy to continue the tradition by being adoptive grandparents to his son, Jubilee.

She also acknowledged their trusted partnership with Wildlife Reserves Singapore in providing opportunities for children to learn and play through discovery.

Abbott’s contribution supports the care of animals and their exhibits, as well as conservation efforts undertaken by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, parent company of Singapore Zoo.

“At Abbott, we strongly believe in supporting the nutritional and developmental needs of growing children. GROW®, like baby Jubilee is also ‘made in Singapore’ and designed to meet the needs of local children,” said Ms Hui.

jubilee giraffe

Jubilee and his new name plaque unveiled by Abbott, at the adoption ceremony held at the Singapore Zoo. (From left to right) Ms. Isabel Cheng, Chief Marketing Officer, Wildlife Reserves Singapore; Mr. Mike Smith, Regional Division Vice President, Abbott Nutrition; Ms. Hui Hwa Koh-Minjoot, Regional General Manager, Abbott Laboratories

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Tallest ‘SG50 baby’

Born on 31 August 2015, male calf Jubilee is the first offspring of mother Roni and father Growie who arrived at Singapore Zoo in 2005, from Israel and the Netherlands respectively.

Since his birth last year, Jubilee has been proudly and fondly referred to as the zoo’s tallest ‘SG50 baby’. And with good reason!


Baby Jubilee being quite the mummy’s boy – staying close to mother, Roni in the giraffe exhibit.


Jubilee GROWing well

Jubilee is already reaching great heights having grown to 2.7m m tall (he was 1.9m at birth) and has started to settle very comfortably and safely in Singapore Zoo’s Wild Africa zone, where he lives with his parents. This has been facilitated by a gradual, conditioning process to help him get used to his surroundings, bond with his parents and ensure acceptance from the rest of the herd.

Jubilee has a very calm personality and while staying close to his mother for much of the day, grooming and feeding, he has now started to venture out to explore and run around the exhibit, much to the delight of visitors eager to catch a glimpse of the beautiful creature.

Those visiting Singapore Zoo are encouraged to take photos of baby Jubilee and hashtag #sg50babygiraffe. Visitors can follow Jubilee’s development and get updates on


Send your best wishes to Jubilee below!


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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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